By Bob Bower

While watching the Tribe play the Baltimore Orioles last night, Indians GM Chris Antonetti  visited the booth with Rick Manning and Matt Underwood for an inning. The broadcasters asked the right question. Will there be any moves before the trade deadline by Cleveland? Well of course we got the usual “we’re exploring possibilities” crap but Antonetti’s attitude was all about “fixing from within the organization” TRANSLATION: The Tribe will spend ZERO on acquisitions this year! I think I know why. Two reasons. 1. They actually think that will work and 2. They don’t want to look dumb like last year with trading good players for Ubaldo Jiminez. (However that may still work)

Fixing our troubles from within will require a RH bat for left field and/or first base. If Grady ever returns he’ll play center and Bradley to left but Grady is another lefty! If it’s going to be Matt LaPorta then why not now? Send that worthless Shelley Duncan packing! And what about Johnny Damon? He’s a great guy with occasional power but he’s hitting .210 and he has a really weak arm.

This is where acquiring a Carlos Quentin or an Alfonso Soriano could really help and I don’t think they’d cost much! Dolan’s coin purse is as closed as it gets unfortunately. A playoff run would bring fans to the seats no matter WHAT loudmouth Chris Perez says.

Lastly I think the Tribe desperately needs a long reliever. With Zach McCallister pitching well our starters are not doing too bad. I think Derek Lowe will come back to form but our middle relief has been horrid. Sipp and Accardo just dig us into holes. I’m hoping that Columbus can fix whatever went wrong with Jeanmar Gomez and he could return in the middle relief role. That’s the only “internal fix” I can see Mr. Antonetti. Get us a RH bat, Chris. It may not win us the world series but it will surely help us this season!

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  1. Anonymous

    You’re sure right about Shelley Duncan Bob. It is about time, strike that is is way over do to get rid of him. Duncan isn’t producing for the Indians and he must be replaced now. If the Indians plan on making a play-off run they have to act now….

    • Anonymous

      Duncan one of our hottest hitters!


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