Is the Colt McCoy Shoulder Injury a Farce?Last week when the Cleveland Browns put McCoy into the game to replace the injured Weeden, the team was able to move the ball down the field and finally score a touchdown, something they haven’t done in almost 3 quarters of play with Weeden leading the Browns. In his post game press conference McCoy was asked if he was going to be the starting quarterback in Pittsburgh, his answer was, “it was a bit early because they didn’t know the extent of the Weeden injury but he was ready to strap it up”. There was no mention of any shoulder injury or did Colt McCoy look as though he was in any pain.

Then we find out that Thad Lewis is going to start the game against the Pittsburgh Steerlers. Now I know that some of you may think I am nuts, the fact is I really don’t think Pat Shurmur likes Colt McCoy. I think he would do what he could to try and stop McCoy from starting a football game in order to protect himself from being firther exposed as an idiot. It was Shurmur that handed the starting quarterback role to Brandon Weeden when it was clear that McCoy looked better than Weeden in the preseason.

Now we have a head coach who says the Cleveland Browns came into the 2012 season at a serious disadvantage.  What was that? Is it the fact the Browns are coached by Shurmur? I mean this Browns team had a lot of talent this season. The problem is due to the poor choices made by the head coach. We are going into week 17 and the Browns have not used Brandon Jackson at all. Why not? We all saw how explosive he could be in the preseason. We all saw he could catch the ball coming out of the back field and make people miss.

It would not surprise me a bit if McCoy is being held out of the last game of the season so Shurmur doesn’t look any more foolish than he already does. Imagine if Colt McCoy would come into the game and have no problem moving the team down the field and finding the end-zone. Shurmur has got to go. This guy is the disadvantage he is talking about coming into the season.

Thad Lewis is a guy that Pat Shumur brought with him from St. Louis and I think this is why we are seeing him start against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

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  1. Becky Killion

    COLT should be playing if he is not really hurt.He didn’t appear hurt.

    • loveclevelandbrowns

      Colt should have, would have, been the starter if Shurmur was out of there. Good Grief Charlie Brown. I’ve seen better football in the Peanuts comics then when Weeden was quarterback. Please Mr. Haslam, don’t lose faith in Mr. McCoy, Mr. Richardson, Mr. Cribbs, and the rest of the great faithful hardworking alumni of the Browns. Mr. Shurmur has no concept of talent if it hit him between the eyes. Get a Coach who knows how to work with good players that are sitting on the bench and sees the real talent he has and give Shurmur the boot.

  2. ABrown

    LG, I said recently that I thought Pat Shurmur would do just about anything to keep McCoy from starting at QB. What you are suggesting makes perfect sense in the highly imperfect coaching that we’ve had in Cleveland the last 2 years.

    Even under pressure from non-stop blitzing linebackers, McCoy led an 80 yard touchdown drive and made the team look more energized than it has all season — even with Shurmur sending in plays that many players complained about after the game because they made McCoy a sitting duck.

    Another sports writer, I believe from Cleveland Frowns, said the team is clearly behind McCoy and if they voted on who would lead the team, McCoy would win hands down.

    Starting the guy who gives us the LEAST CHANCE TO WIN is Shurmur’s unique approach to coaching. It wouldn’t surprise me at all to see him do it again.

    I agree, LG, Shurmur would do almost anything to keep Colt McCoy off the field.

    • LG

      ABrown I certainly would love the chance to sit down with Colt McCoy and talk to him. I don’t remember him giving any indication at all about any kind of injury following the Broncos game. McCoy said he was ready to strap it up in Pittsburgh but wasn’t sure as to the extent of Weeden’s shoulder injury at the time. Now Colt Has one too……Something stinks in Cleveland and It smells to me like a rotten head coach of the Cleveland Browns……

  3. Bob

    Maybe Haslam or Banner told Shurmur they did not want Colt to play. In other words, protecting Colt from possible injury due to Shurmur’s horrible play calling. Or they want Colt to be healthy for them next year or healthy for a trade = protecting their investment in Colt. Or maybe Haslam & Banner want Shurmur to be forced to use his choices of Weeden & Lewis – a you made your bed now lay in it Shurmur. Perhaps even Haslam & Banner know that Shurmur’s hatred for Colt could cause Colt to really get hurt with the Steelers.

    I guess we’ll never know. What are your sources saying LG?

    • Bob

      Why do I suspect Haslam & Banner behind Colt sitting out tomorrow? Just look what Shurmur did to Richardson. Seems like Richardson was never given a real chance to heal from his knee or his rib injury because Shurmur was hoping Richardson could save his job. IMO Brandon Jackson should have been used while Richardson healed properly. BTW – Why did they grab Jackson? To sit him all year? They never used him and I do think he’s very good.

  4. Autopilot

    Interesting assertion. If it is true (and from Colt’s comments after last week’s game, it may be), then Shurmur definitely must go. I didn’t read anything into it at the time, but what you say does make some sense based upon this senseless wasted season.

    Maybe Colt will say something about it once the Shurminator is canned. But, he is probably going to take the high road and not say anything. This season could make for great soap-opera material.

  5. KC

    We all know that Shumur hates Colt and you are right he cannot play Colt because he is afraid Colt might just win and make him look really bad in his decision to start and keep Weeden in. This tells us as I imagined from day one he is willing to lose games instead of playing McCoy with any hope that McCoy could produce wins for the Browns. All you who hate McCoy, yes he did play poorly last year but he had no help what so ever. You haters did not even consider giving him any kind of chance this year. You were just like coach Shumur all you believed that any QB other than Colt would produce Brown wins. This is what you got. If you notice Weeden only got sacked a couple of times this year and look how easily he got hurt. How long would Weeden have lasted last year? Let us hope the Brown’s get a decent coaching staff next year. One who is for the team not for oneself.

    • Bob

      Good Comment KC!

  6. Leon II

    I have no love for Shurmur but I don’t think this is what is occurring. The last sack on McCoy was brutal and he landed hard on his right shoulder. It was apparent on his face that he was hurt. After the game he didn’t look like it was bothering him though so I thought it looked worse at the time then it was. However, as someone who played 2 and a half quarters with a broken hand that I didn’t realize was broken until the next day when I tried to pick something up I can say the adrenaline of the situation can cover up how badly you are hurt. My opinion is that McCoy is such a gamer that the same occurred with him. It was only after he came down from the adrenaline high that he realized his shoulder was injured.

    Of course that doesn’t change the fact that Shurmur should be a start of business Black Monday firing.

    • LG

      Good comment Leon II

    • Bob

      Good comment Leon. Maybe they can announce Shurmur’s firing Sunday so ESPN can finally talk about a positive news story all night long about the Browns on a Sunday.

  7. RB

    Well, LG, I hate to say this, but this is probably your most pathetic piece to date. Assuming what you’re insinuating were true, which I don’t believe it is, you are also suggesting that Colt McCoy was going along with this master act of deception. You are also suggesting that every other player in the Brown’s organization is going along with it as well. You are also suggesting that every other individual in the Brown’s organization who is not a player is also a willing participant.

    It’s pretty easy to sit where you’re at and level accusations at someone knowing they would never respond to such bull if there were ever to become aware of your little fantasy article to begin with.

    Conspiracy theorists at their worst. To entertain such thoughts to begin with just shows how desperate you are to try to legitmize your slanted view on Cleveland Browns football. How said.

    • LG

      Well RB, it seems very funny to me that Colt McCoy looked and sounded good after the game. Now he is so hurt he can’t play….It just seems to coincidental to me….

  8. David

    Well LG, while I don’t know if this is true fore sure, I definitely would not put it past Shurmur to do something like this. Like you said, if Colt was to do a great job against Little Ben and the Squealers, it would further expose Corporal Clueless-in-Cleveland(although he doesn’t really need anyone else’s help in looking like a fool).

    I have another supposition that is non-Colt related. Suppose for the sake of argument that Thad Lewis was to light it up against Pittspuke and pull off a win. I still don’t believe that this should save Inspector Ineptitude’s job, since this would indicate that he should have named Lewis the starter sooner. Again just a supposition.

    • LG

      There is no saving Shumur’s job. He will be fired as soon as the game is over….

  9. marty

    LG; I answered an article last sunday night about the game. Denver played a good game.Denver’s defense is not a punishing defense like baltimore or pittsburgh.The offense line played great just about the whole season. Comes the denver game and they fall apart. For a team with 13 games done, there wasn’t many injuries. Now it seems half the team is out.I didn’t see that many limping players last sunday. It seems like a blue flu came into the browns locker room.I agree shurmur must go, Heckert I would want to keep.There is a inside problem that we sense is happening.These players didn’t quit till now.

  10. longhaul

    rb.. reading your comments and listening to shurmurs press conferences leads me to beleave two things. that you are related to shurmur or just as dumb

  11. Anonymous

    I agree with ABrown. Shurmur sucks. McCoy was never given his shot.
    We can only hope that Haslam will get the right people to bring us a winner.

  12. RB

    You’re entitled to your opinion longhaul, but the truth of the matter is LG’s articles have been full of “incorrect” facts all season. There is not one ounce of truth to this article. It’s all based on his infatuation with Shurmur. If McCoy were truly ready to play, Colt McCoy or his brother or his daddy would have opened up their mouths if the opposite were true. He’s mad because he blames Shurmur for Colt McCoy’s lack of a future as a starting QB in the NFL. Colt McCoy is nothing but a backup quarterback. Brandon Weeden will be nothing more than a backup quarterback. Those are the facts. LG said Shurmur blamed McCoy last year. LG is more guilty of blaming all the failures of the Cleveland Browns on Brandon Weeden this year. And btw, I’m not related to Shurmer. And longhaul, attacking me personally by calling me dumb proves how weak your argument is. And longhaul, I have no problem with Shurmer being fired. I just don’t want him replaced just to replace him. McDaniels as his successor is no improvement. If he’s the 2nd choice after Saban at least LG will have a new coach to complain about. Saban won’t be much better either. He lacks commitment. He gave up after 2 years in Miami. Chip Kelly is only leaving college football at this time because of NCAA sanctions, and their schedule was squishy, though I like his offensive mindset. LG, McCoy may not have been aware he was injured until a day later when the adrenaline is gone. Who knows, but I don’t know. I’m not a sports trainer, or doctor, etc. I didn’t examine his shoulder. I’m not gonna speculate on something I have to facts on. Perhaps you should be a little more responsible in your writings and not make such bold statements without facts.

    • LG

      RB you are full of it my articles contain a lot of truth…..If you look at the title it is presented as a question……It isn’t presented as a fact and it seems funny to me still that he practiced one day and then couldn’t….If he were injured in the Denver game then why was he at practice throwing one day????

      • RB

        It could be he practiced to see if he would be able to play through the pain. Never said your articles didn’t contain truths. I said your articles had incorrect facts all season.

        Anyway Shurmur is gone. Be happy in that, though I’m not convinced things will be better anytime soon. I expect next year to be pretty rough, though I hope I’m wrong. Front runner appears to be McDaniels. That pretty much blows for Cleveland, but guess we’ll have to wait and see.

        • LG

          I think the front runner is Nick Sabin

  13. Rod

    Gotta remember, Colt was 2-1 his rookie year in starts against SuperBowl-winning QBs, with pass rushers hammering on him with alarming regularity and no running game to speak of. Colt would be much happier as a backup to a good starter that’s a couple of years from retirement who could bring him along to an elite level. Colt, however, is too much a class act to badmouth anyone publicly, much less his teammates or coaches.


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