The Cleveland Browns have not announced any deal that would keep safety TJ Ward in Cleveland. We are down to crunch time folks. It is time to Sh#t or get off the pot so to speak.

TJ Ward is coming off his best season in the NFL, he started all 16 games and continues to get better, as he has in each of his seasons with the Browns.

But now that the team has a new coach, we have to wonder if Pettine is willing to play Russian Roulette with TJ Ward to bring in one of his guys from the Buffalo Bills.

The Bills haven’t been able to come to terms with Jairus Byrd. The Bills made Byrd a pretty good offer and he rejected it according to reports.

Byrd wants to be the highest paid safety in all of football. Is he worth the money? Are any of these professional athletes worth the money they are being paid?

The Browns have to be careful with this situation, if they don’t sign TJ Ward and then Byrd decides to stay in Buffalo, the Browns could lose out on both men.

Pettine knows what Ward can do, he saw it first hand last season when TJ intercepted a pass against Pettine’s Bills and returned it for a touchdown.

The Browns are down to hours if they are going to keep TJ Ward. Pettine and the team have got to make up their mind and they have to do it today.


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Readers Comments (2)

  1. Jim Kirk

    Interesting insight .

  2. Chris

    Well It would be great to have both byrd and ward. I hope ward doesn’t take disrespect to any of this. I love the idea of keeping Ward, in my eyes If I had to choose one or the other I would choose Ward. A person who has proven to work good with both Haden and Skrines. CBs that most likely will be starting next year. Hope we can make it work and these players aren’t to greedy for the money and can create a great defense. Would be a huge deal for our Defense if we can have a good strong safety and free safety. I sure Ward would settle for a reasonable price. Not so sure about Byrd tho. I am afraid tho Byrd may hit a wall and not get any better then he is.


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