Weeden Press Connference Says he can't o itOn Monday the Browns 2012 starting quarterback Brandon Weeden, the man the team used the 22nd pick of the 2012 draft on said; “he didn’t believe he could run Chip Kelly’s zone-read offense”. Last night,when it started to look like the Browns were close to making Chip Kelly the teams new head coach, Weeden took to twitter to try and back-pedal on his Pryor comments or his Freudian slip. What is a Freudian slip you may ask?

A Freudian slip, also called parapraxis, is an error in speech, memory, or physical action that is interpreted as occurring due to the interference of some unconscious (“dynamically repressed”) subdued wish, conflict, or train of thought. The concept is thus part of classical psychoanalysis.

Slips of the tongue and the pen are the classical parapraxes, but psychoanalytic theory also embraces such phenomena as misreadings, mishearings, temporary forgettings, and the mislaying and losing of objects. Freud said people don’t say what people don’t mean. It is possible that Brandon Weeden can’t run the type of offense Kelly would bring to Cleveland. Now that it looks like Kelly is coming Weeden took to twitter to say; ‏”@bweeden3 And laughed as I said it! Obviously a joke!”.

Maybe Weeden should learn to keep his mouth shut. Just five days ago it was him that said; “That’s really not my thing.” Weeden said smiling. Well it looks like Chip Kelly knows it is not Weeden’s thing. There is a lot of talk about Colt McCoy being the guy that can run the Chip Kelly offense. Brandon Weeden could have started his first and last season in a Cleveland Browns uniform. He is slow, he runs like he has two left feet. He doesn’t have the speed to run the kind of offense that Kelly would bring to the Cleveland Browns.

Last Monday when Weeden made his remarks, he probably saw the witting on the wall. Team CEO Joe Banner wouldn’t even give an impression on Weeden when he was asked to evaluate him at Monday’s press conference. The man the Browns used the 22nd pick of the draft on finished the season ranked 29th in passer rating (72.6) and 27th in completion percentage (57.4). Weeden threw for 3,385 yards with 14 touchdowns and 17 interceptions. Lets face it, those aren’t exactly the kind of numbers the Browns were looking for out of their second pick in the NFL draft.

Weeden’s Freudian slip, is more truthful than even he thinks. His days as the Cleveland Browns starting quarterback could have ended in Denver. The team’s ownership is high on Colt McCoy and with that being said I wouldn’t be surprised if Haslam III and Banner held McCoy out of the Pittsburgh game so he wouldn’t get hurt before they talked to Chip Kelly.

Chip Kelly likes Colt McCoy and they both share the same agent. The Days of watching Weeden fold under pressure and overthrow his receivers could be over. I guess we will see sooner than some may have thought. Some Weeden lovers were ready to guarantee he would be the Browns starting quarterback in 2013. It sure doesn’t look that way now.

(the Freudian Slip reference is taken from Wikipedia, you can read more about it by clicking here)

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Readers Comments (9)

  1. joe thompson

    I have a BA in Psychology. freud is a bit out dated, but never the less a lot of his theories stand firm. if the browns do hire chip Kelly, I expect to see Weedon traded quickly.

    • LG

      That’s what it is starting to look like Joe….

  2. Bob

    Weeden who? Is that the guy who refused to move his warm up routine when the American flag swallowed him whole on opening day, his NFL regular season game debut? Yeah I remember that guy. He’s the one who retracted a lot of his statements after always putting his foot in his mouth throughout the 2012 season. Oh yeah, he’s the one who had a .9 qbr in his NFL debut against that terrible Eagles team. He was also the one who was rated 35 out of 36 QBs for 2012. Wasn’t he one of the most protected quarterbacks in the league usually having almost 10 seconds to throw? He was a tall one. So how did he have so many batted down balls? But his arm was strong. A real gunslinger I heard and his accuracy??? What accuracy? Who picked that guy so high in the draft? Are those guys working now? END OF STORY.

    • LG

      I knew we were really in trouble when I watched him take a sack by the American Flag Bob. How embarrassing was that for the Cleveland Browns?

    • LG

      And Holmgren had the balls to say he would like to go back to coaching he would listen if anyone wanted to talk to him. After he forced Heckert to draft Weeden I’ll be the rest of the NFL sees Holmgren as a man who lost his credibility…..

  3. ricktenny

    LG you have just published my favorite article.
    I may be wrong in my thinking or my memory, hell I’m 68 it could be anything. But I thought it was Childress who scouted and recomended Weeden. An article I read last year before the fact stated Chille’s down there and is realy high on Weeden. I think it was Holmgren the author was quoting.
    Anyway after all the current chatter in several articles this evening about Weeden out McCoy in. All I can say is that we end up back at last year when three misguided and expensive football gurus started the ball rolling on this QB mess. They obviously drafted the wrong player and position at 22. Compounded that with a phoney QB compitition and then played the lesser QB. We all pay for our choices.
    Now depending on which author you read, all three QB’s are gone (ESPN) or Banner told McCoy the new coach has plans for him. Who knows.
    One thing we do know is there will be three QB’s in Berea this spring and hopefully the one who gives the Browns the best shot at winning games should be the one playing. I hope it’s Colt. I’ve been a fan for 7 years. If it is God Bless Him. If it’s someone else God Bless Them. Just as long as it’s the best player and the wackyness is gone.
    Happy New Year LG

    • LG

      Happy New Year to You Too Rick

  4. RB

    LG, pretty pathetic again: “Maybe Weeden should learn to keep his mouth shut.” Maybe Banner should learn to keep his mouth shut by making statements about the next head coach and who his QB might be before they actually sign the man. Maybe McCoy and his camp should have kept their mouth shut when they said McCoy’s shoulder was at 100% during his private workout for NFL scouts if it wasn’t (you claimed it wasn’t healed for the 2010 or 2011 season). Maybe you should keep your mouth shut when saying McCoy’s shoulder wasn’t at 100% for the 2010 and 2011 season when McCoy and his camp said it was. I will concede most of Colt’s numbers were slightly better than Weeden’s numbers. But Weeden’s Browns still scored more points per game than than McCoy’s Browns while running an offense that was more suited towards McCoys’s talents. You can say what you want, but those facts are just as important as all of the other statistics you choose to cling to. The fact is, both of them are no more than back up QB’s. At least most of us who thought Weeden desrved a chance have come to the conclusion that he’s a backup. The McCoy faction is still clinging to McCoys glory days in college. Cleveland Browns football may suck but it’s still the NFL. Success in college doesn’t equate to success in the NFL. Ask Tim Tebow, Matt Leinart, Mark Sanchez, etc etc et. If McCoy and Weeden are the only 2 choices at QB next year we can carry on this pointless discussion again. Anyone that’s read 2 of your articles this year know how you feel about Weeden and they know how you feel about McCoy. I would think you would be a little more concerned about how foolish the new ownership of the Browns look right now: No Kelly and no Morrone.

    • LG

      Personally, I for one am very glad there is no Morrone. Kelly who knows. But no that the Colts are done it would be interesting to talk to Bruce Arians who I would love to have as the head coach.


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