The Cleveland Browns rushed to hire their new General Manager, John Dorsey within hours of ousting Sahsi Brown. This decision leaves us wondering why such a good G.M. was fired from the Kansas City Chiefs in the first place.

Dorsey served as the Chiefs GM, for only 3-years. Sources close to the Chiefs say; “John does stuff and doesn’t tell people why.” They also say; “He goes with the flow,” and “He’s not a big disciplinarian or big on chain of command,” “so people did what they wanted.” The main reason the Chiefs let him go in another person's opinion was; “It’s more about his management skills.”

On a more positive note, Dorsey has undeniable strengths, picking and evaluating players. This is something the Browns lacked over the past few season under Brown. No one in the front office had the ability to evaluate NFL talent, and it's clear looking at the Browns record of 0-12 this season, and finishing the 2016 season with a record of 1-15.

This leaves us wondering if Dorsey is the right man for the job in Cleveland. After all, the Browns need to be a disciplined football team. If Dorsey is lacking in that department, will he be able to whip this young team into shape and make them a competitive team in the NFL?

Why Jimmy Haslam III rush to hire a guy who could be a problem, is anyone's guess. Perhaps the positives will out way the negatives. Dorsey may be able to place the team's discipline on the shoulders of his head coach.

If Dorsey is able to draft the right players, perhaps they will already have football discipline, and his weakness in this category won't show.  But the Browns need someone desperately that knows how to evaluate talent, and Dorsey has a solid reputation in that department.

In K.C. Dorsey had a solid head coach in Andy Reid, he isn't going to have that luxury with the Browns. Head Coach Hue Jackson is reportedly returning to the Browns in 2018. We have to wonder if this is going to hand cuff Dorsey.

Cleveland goes through coaches, general managers, quarterbacks quicker than any NFL team I can recall. Lets hope Haslam didn't rush to fill the seat he emptied with the release of Browns too soon.

I would have preferred they would have waited until the season ended, but we all know Haslam seems to rush to hire people when it comes to the Browns. Lets hope he got it right this time around.


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