By Bob Bower

Chris Perez TradeWith the trading deadline almost here are the Indians thinking the unthinkable? Trade our all-star closer? The answer is…. maybe! I think the positives outweigh the negatives. Although Perez is money in the bank usually when it comes to a save, there ARE some good reasons to consider it. One – We have another guy who would fit very well into the closer role in Vinnie Pestano. Two – Perez is up for arbitration at the end of this year and will in all likelyhood cost more. Three – Perez hates playing for Cleveland and he’s a big friggin’ loudmouth so that won’t be missed and most importantly… Four – He’s got real value! We might really be able to get something juicy for him and not minor league “A” ball prospects! Choo is also up for arbitration next year but I hope they want him enough to pay him.

The San Francisco Giants really want Perez and others are interested. I’m all for this trade as long as doofus Antonetti doesn’t trade him for a box of cracker jack! ¬†Power bat or a good starter maybe? We can only hope. Let’s face it, Tribe hitting is suffering and as long as we’re forced to use automatic out-makers like Cunningham and Duncan, this last part of the season will be a real drag again. Do something, Antonetti… for once!

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Readers Comments (4)

  1. Anonymous

    I thought writers were to stay unbiased in their opinions; you sure put that notion to h—-.

  2. Bob Bower

    Dude. I’m NOT a reporter! I’m a commentor. I post totally biased opinions on here

    • LG

      I might add damn good opinions too!!!

  3. Bob Bower

    LOL I meant to say “Commentator” DUH! Well Cunningham is gone but we’re still not improved. Rafael Perez is going to be back soon so I still think it’s a good idea to trade CP for something good only! and BTW, Thanks Larry. Go Tribe!


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