Today the Indians placed Fausto Carmono on the restricted list. Is the the beginning of the end of Carmona in a Cleveland Indians uniform?  Carmona has been a fixture in Cleveland since the Tribe signed the 17 year old who turns out to be 20 at the time of his signing. Carmona for some reason felt the need to lie. Did Carmona really think the Indians wouldn’t sign him if the Indians knew he was 20 instead of 17?

Carmona was set to make 7 million dollars this season with the Indians. Many are thinking the Indians should get rid of the guy and use the 7 million dollars to shop for a much needed right handed power hitter. The Indians could part ways with Carmona without it costing the Tribe anything. It was Carmona who fabricated who he really is and how old he was too. The Indians are stuck right now wondering what their next move with Carmona is. Fausto didn’t have his best season last year and many thought his time may be coming to an end anyway.

The Indians might be better off ridding themselves of Fausto now and using the funds to get someone who can be a productive part of the team this season. The Indians have a great lineup of young talent and it should be an exciting season if the Tribe starts out the 2012 campaign like they played the first half last year. It is time for the Indians to make some smart moves right now and bring someone in that can help the team now.

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  1. Bob Bower

    You know I agree, LG but as bad as his year was last year, the Tribe was counting on innings from him. It looks like Slowey might pick up those innings. I also saw a report that Cleveland might be interested in Edwin Jackson who would bring a power arm to the starting rotation and now they have some money to do that. They might also take a shot at this Cuban kid Crespides or possibly a different rh bat.
    Either way,I think were done with Fausto Roberto Hernando Stupido (the amazing lying sinker-baller) and Antonetti needs to get off his minor league signing butt and get us somebody NOW! Fill the seats, dummy!

  2. Anonymous

    all fans should hope so// they should make him give them his teeth back also.The indians paid for them. When he first came up he didnt have a tooth in his mouth


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