When the Cleveland Browns hired Rob Chudzinski as the teams new head coach he was very excited. Now with the team making moves in the off-season it is Joe Banner the media hears from the most. When it comes to talking quarterbacks, Banner has come out and made statements. He just said Colt McCoy wouldn’t be traded and would be allowed to compete for the teams starting role.

What does Rob Chudzinsli have to say? Isn’t it the head coach that makes the decision on who starts at any position for his team? Is Joe Banner the type of guy who is going to micro manage the Cleveland Browns? I thought Banner was going to be a behind the scene front office guy that would take care of team business. He seems to really enjoy being in the lime-light. Banner always has something to say and he isn’t afraid to voice his opinions.

This could be the reason the Browns hired a head coach that doesn’t have any head coaching experience. Banner may have looked for a guy that wouldn’t be a threat to him and his role with the Browns.

I am not saying Chudzinski is a bad choice for the Browns, he has brought some pretty big names to Cleveland to join his coaching staff. When Chudzinski hired Turner I think a lot of people felt a little better about the Chudzinski hiring.

With all the press the Browns are getting and all the focus the quarterbacks are getting in Cleveland I thought we would hear more from Chudzinski and less from Joe Banner. AS time goes on Banner may fade back into his office and out of the sight of the media mainstream, but for now it is clear to see who is making decisions on who is going to be doing what for the Cleveland Browns and it sure doesn’t look like it is Chudzinski.

It is clear that Banner and who ever he consults in the Browns front office aren’t completely sold on Brandon Weeden as the teams starting quarterback. Banner made the statement on his radio blitz Thursday that Weeden will be the starter heading into camp. He will get competition from Campbell and possibly a draft pick. The Browns can’t be sold on Weeden as the Browns franchise guy if they are willing to use another draft pick on a quarterback.

The team is going to work out Florida State’s E.J. Manuel, on April 5th. Maybe the Browns know something no one else knows. This NFL draft is very weak in quarterbacks. The team should just stick with who they have and wait for next years draft to find a quarterback. Banner is bringing in plenty of garbage already, why waste a pick on a Q.B. that isn’t better than what you already have on your roster?

I wonder what Chudzinski thinks? Maybe Banner would give him a chance to speak up soon…..


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Readers Comments (8)

  1. RB

    Well LG, I agree with “The team should just stick with who they have and wait for next years draft to find a quarterback”.

    I am scared most about selecting a QB in the 3rd round. Still too many holes (defensive backfield and another LB, possible lineman).

    Happy Easter.

    • LG

      I totally agree too RB, have a Happy Easter RB

  2. dan dyer

    He hasn’t even gotten to see his team on the field yet. I believe that once the preseason begins, it will be Chud and his coordinators that will be the ones making the decisions on who starts and who sits. Banner did the same thing in Philly and I’m pretty sure that Reid had the final say on his roster and who would start. He was also a no name coach with no HC experience when he was hired.

  3. tigersbrowns2

    hi LG … i gotta believe banner , lombardi , chud & norv are all communicating on the qb situation.

    happy easter …

    • LG

      Happy Easter to you too TB2. I certainly hope you are right about this,it is important for people to be on the same page.

      • KC

        LG let’s not make something out of nothing. I believe they have the QB’s they are looking at for next season. Don’t criticize the owner as I am from Texas and we have to look at how totally wrong owner Jerry Jones is as owner of the Cowboys. He is the teams GM and everyone in Texas knows it is all about himself not about the team. He builds the huge stadium with the big screen TV, brags about how he will bring another Superbowl team to Texas. It is all about him. Be thankful for Banner. HAPPY EASTER everyone.

        • LG

          KC, I don’t believe that I talked about the Browns owner at all in this article.

        • ABrown

          Jerry Jones is an interesting character to bring up here. Banner isn’t the owner like Jones is, but everything we’ve seen from Banner the last month or so looks just like Jerry Jones.

          It seems like Banner has brought Cowboys syle mismanagement ego to Cleveland.


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