Belichick has seen a lot from his days of angry dawgs in Cleveland wanting to bite his head off to the cheating scandal when Belichick was caught having the opponents filmed, is Bill Belichick ready for Tim Tebow to bring his magic to New England?  Belicheck is the kind of head coach that never expresses  many facial expressions, he is kind of hard to get a read on.  One thing for sure, Belicheck won't under estimate the Denver Broncos or how good a quarterback Tim Tebow is.

Tim Tebow sure did gain a lot of attention this past weekend when he beat the number one ranked defense in the AFC the Pittsburgh Steelers,  you can bet Bill Belichick was one of those paying close attention. One thing about Belicheck is he is always paying very close attention, even when you think he isn't.  Belichick is one of those coaches who really demands perfection.  Even when his Patriots are winning by large sums he thinks there were things they could have been done better.

As far as I am concerned this could be one of the best football games ever seen between Tebow's Broncos and the New England Patriots.  Not to many give Tebow  much credit as a NFL quarterback and New England is heavily favored to win the game.  I think the Steelers had the edge too as far as that goes.   People forget  Tim Tebow has  God in his corner, there is someone else pulling for Tebow and the Denver Broncos as well.  I even think this guy knows a thing or two about winning play off games and coming from behind too do so.  A guy by the name of John Elway. Not only does he know how to win play offs, he is a heck of an instructor too.

Belicheck might have something to worry about now that I really add this all up...

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