Today the Cleveland Indians officially introduced their latest acquisition. Michael Bourn who will be playing center field for the Indians and batting lead off. Bourn brings something to the Indians that is desperately needed. he brings the ability to be a dynamic defender and tablesetter for the Tribe. The two-time All-Star and two-time National League Gold Glove Award winner has topped 50 stolen bases or 90 runs scored in a season three times each over his career. It is like having a Kenny Lofton back on the team.

The Indians are going to have a dynamic outfield,, they could very well become one of the best out fields in the major leagues. Last season Michael Brantley did a fantastic job playing center filed. He hit for a .288 batting average and played in 149 games. He had a 159 hits and 37 doubles, he batted in 60 runs.

Bourn played in Atlanta and he hit 9 home runs, had RBIs (57) and walks (70). He hit .274 with a .348 OBP and a .391 SLG in 155 games, mixing in 26 doubles, 10 triples, 42 stolen bases and 96 runs scored for the Braves.

Drew Stubbs played for the Reds, he hit for a .213 average had 105 hits including 13 doubles,2 triples and 14 home runs. I’d say the Indians have a pretty good out field coming into the 2013 season.

Tell us what you think of the Tribes out field, just leave your comments below….

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    I think that with stubbs, bourn and brantley that we have a defense that can play with any team in the league. Wonder how many stolen bases will this outfield get. Having a solid infield now and cather, we can play with Detroit, remember we owned the Tigers in head to head games and we have improved 300% better now.

    Let other people say the Tigers are a lock but just wait and we will see who is on top. INDIANS

    Spring is to find us a pitching staff to support the other nine starting players.


    • LG

      Jimmy thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. I am excited about the Tribe in 2013. It is going to be an interesting year…Stop back often, you leave great intelligent comments…

    • LG

      Ps. I don’t think the Tigers are a lock at all. They were lucky to make the play offs in 2012. If others including the Indians didn’t implode they (The Tigers) wouldn’t have made it…

  2. RB

    Hey LG. You the same LG for USA 360? I like those writings better. Nothing personal on the Browns thing. We’re just gonna disagree I guess.

    Anyway, I am excited about the tribe as well. I’m very nervous about the pitching staff, but we’ll see.

    Francona….Love him. Should be an interesting year this year.

    • LG

      I am exactly the same LG on the USA site. I too am excited about eh Tribe too…..RB I just call them as I see them, It is nothing personal. But when a guy makes millions he better earn it to do the job….

  3. kw

    pitching staff does not look that bad big upgrade over last year but will have to see how it plays out looks good on paper francona makes the difference what a great thing to happen in cleveland good luck tribe


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