The Cleveland Indians are just days away from opening the 2013 season in Toronto. The club was hoping that Ubaldo Jimenez would be back to good form when the season starts. Jimenez is still not consistent on the mound. He was hammered in his last spring outing and he gave up 3 home runs in the 4 innings he pitched yesterday.

This is not what the Indians were hoping for in their number 2 starter. They need to have the Jimenez that can throw the ball past the batter. They are going to need him to be able to give the team some innings each time he goes to the mound. For a couple of games it looked like Jimenez was going to be able to do that.

Now the team needs to think about what they can do to help Jimenez. He needs to have his mechanics overhauled and this is the same problem that Jimenez has suffered since he came to Cleveland from the Rockies.

When Jimenez is sharp, he is UN-hittable,  that is the Ubaldo Jimenez the Indians need to see and they have been very patient waiting for the real Jimenez to show up. Is it ever going to happen? Only time will tell. But for now the Tribe is going to open the 2013 season with a Ubaldo Jimenez they are just not sure about.

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  1. Jwahoo

    Very lazy article.

    Sure, he gave up 3 homers but nowhere in the article do I see him/her mention that those 3 homers were the ONLY hits he gave up. So, although they were homers he only gave up 3 hits. So, saying that he was “hammered” for 3 hits seems a bit misleading. Need to do more then just glance at a box score.


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