The Cleveland Indians may have been a bit premature when they named Justin Masterson as their opening day starter. Masterson still looks like he is in search of what he once had on the mound. Yesterday Masterson was rocked for a 5 run first inning in a spring training game. We know it is spring training, but Masterson has to find a way to bring his good stuff to the mound. The bad news is if he can’t continue to find it, it is going to be a long season for Justin who is suppose to be the Tribes ace.

The good new is the Indians offense looks like they are ready to compete. The Indians were able to score 3 runs in the ninth inning to force a tie with the Cincinnati Reds. When the Indians manager Terry Francona talked about Masterson’s pitching he said, Justin brought some of his best stuff to the mound. He also said Masterson just left a couple of pitches up a bit and those guys 9The Reds) made him pay.

Francona also said the good news was Masterson was able to get the ball back down again, when he did his pitches had plenty on them and they had a hard time hitting them. Lets hope the couple of pitches Masterson left up in the air were just a fluke. If he learned from those mistakes and takes this lesson into the regular season it would be useful. The Indians starting pitchers are a major concern coming into the 2013 season.

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