Derek Lowe give up 9 runsThe Cleveland Indians have major league problems with their starting pitchers. Derek Lowe gave up 9 runs on 7 hits in only 3 innings worked. The Indians bull pen can’t take over this early and the Tribe can’t win with these kinds of starts from their rotation. The Cleveland Indians are falling back in the standings faster than a rock dropped from the high level bridge. Yes the Indians offense sucks too. Manny Acta has to figure out a way to get this team moving otherwise the Indians hopes of post season play will be over soon.

Since coming back from the all-star break the Cleveland Indians haven’t been able to score runs and the starters haven’t been able to produce solid starts. The Indians don’t look like they are making moves to bring in help and after their 10-2 loss to Baltimore last night it is clear this team needs not only another bat they need a dominate pitcher. The Indians gave up a home run to Jim Thome who hasn’t hit a home run since he was traded to the Orioles.

The Indians are still only three games back in the A.L. standings, that can take a turn for the worse very soon with the Tigers coming to town to play the Indians. Detroit is playing some good ball now and beat the White Sox last night. If the Cleveland Indians can’t find their missing offense and find it soon, it could be a blood bath when the Tigers get here. The Indians have to get some solid innings from their pitchers too. It is time for Acta to hold another one of his team meetings. The last time he did it the team came out with a fire under it. It needs to be lit again..

The loss the Indians suffered last night with Lowe giving up 9 runs in the first three innings was one of the worse losses they had all season at home. The Indians need to wake up and they need to wake up quickly….

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