The Cleveland Indians are a tough team to figure out. They lost more games in the second half than they won in the first half, they fired their manager with 6 games left making Sandy Alomar  Jr. their interim manager. How in the hell can you judge a manager by letting him manage for only 6 games? The Indians front office needs changes, they should fire the general manager and think about replacing the teams president too. Their pitching staff  needs to be completely rethought and they have guys playing positions that can't seem to find the baseball with their bat at the plate.

Last night the Indians lost their 94th game. David Huff got the start for the Indians and he gave up 9 hits and 7 runs. Only 3 of those runs were earned runs and it shows us just how brain-dead this Indians team really is at times. The Indians all of of sudden forget how to play baseball, they make a comedy of errors at times and they contribute to their own problems. Sometimes the basics are missing on this team.

What are the Indians going to do in the off season to bring in a team that can compete nest season, that is the Million dollar question on the fans mind. The ownership in Cleveland doesn't seem to do anything to get the type of talent they need to field a consistent team. A team that can compete in 162 games will require a larger pay-roll. The Indians don't seem to be the type of team that is going to go out and spend money on the guys that can get the team to the next level. We heard it last off-season, the Tribe ownership said they were going to raise the pay-roll to get some guys that would make a difference.

They didn't live up to their word and the Indians lost 94 games. The Fans are tired of watching this year after year and it showed in their attendance. The Cleveland Indians have a major up-hill battle in front of them in this off-season. The first thing is to name a manager.

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