Derek Lowe Dusty Baker's RedsIt was only a week ago when Derek Lowe the Indians pitcher faced not only the Cincinnati Reds, he also was the victim of Reds manager Dusty Bakers comments. Baker admitted to having his pitcher throw at Lowe, Bakers then went on to make comments about the Indians pitcher which included remarks about Lowe drinking. Why Baker felt it was necessary to shoot his mouth off regarding Lowe is anyone’s guess. The thing is tonight Baler’s Reds face Lowe in the Indians home at Progressive field.

It should be interesting to see how Lowe responds to the UN-called for comments Baker made concerning Derek Lowe and his role on the Cleveland Indians. If I were a Reds batter, I am not so sure I would want to go to the plate first. This could be a case when the lead off batter becomes a sitting duck. Of course the way the umpires are reacting this season,  Lowe is going to have to watch how he handles this situation. I know if this was years back, Lowe would issue a little chin music just to show the Cincinnati Reds how well he can control the baseball. Nonetheless it should be very interesting to catch the first pitch as the Cleveland Indians take on the Cincinnati Reds in the battle of Ohio part two tonight.

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