Brandon Weeden and his Pat ShurmuBrowns favored over the raiders by 1-1/2 pointsr led Browns are traveling to Oakland to take on another team with a 3-8 record. One thing is for sure someone is going to come out of this game with a win. Will it be the Cleveland Browns? That’s what the fans in Cleveland and around the country are hoping who back the Browns. You can bank on the fact that the Raiders want this win just as much as the Browns do. The Cleveland Browns defense is going to have to do the same thing they did last week to get their second win in a row.

The Browns offense could out score the Raiders if Browns rookie Q.B. Weeden protects against the turnovers. The Browns know too well how turnovers can impact the game especially after what happened when they played the Steelers last Sunday. If Weeden can limit the mistakes the Browns stand a good chance coming out with a win. The Browns haven’t won two games in a row in so long there are some fans that refuse to wear any Browns gear until the team can win 2 in a row. This has been going on since last season, they call it the fans lockout.

With the odds makers only giving out 1-1/2 points this game could end up being a defensive struggle. The game may be too dangerous to place a wager on. It could come down to a field goal and we know Cleveland has a clutch kicker in Phil Dawson. With the weather on the west coast not looking so good the winds may have something to say about the kicking game. Either way this could be a close game…

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Readers Comments (3)

  1. Bob

    The Black Hole. Probably one of the the worst fields in the NFL. Game a toss up in the mud & it can be cold in the bay area.

    • ABrown

      I think Mark Twain once said, “The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco.” And it gets colder after that.

      It’s hard to say which team or whether it’s offense of defense that has the advantage in this kind of weather.

      But Dawson’s like money in the bank if the offense can ever get close enough for a 50 yard field goal.

      • Bob

        I just hope the weather does not effect the kicks though. I have been to the bay area several times. The wind & cold can’t be ignored. Especially in the summer. Yes, I said summer. However, my biggest concern is the field itself that doubles for a baseball field also. But maybe that’s an advantage for Weeden. Let’s hope he doesn’t get stuck on the pitcher’s mound.


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