By Bob Bower

I’ve been reading lots of negative comments about what is going on with the Cleveland Browns. And all these comments are from so-called fans! Huh?

Wait a minute! We are die-hardiest fans in the world. We love our Browns and you’re ready to hang Tom Heckert and Mike Holmgren because he’s not doing business the way YOU would? Well who the f*** ever said YOU could run a team? They didn’t try hard enough for RGIII. Waaaahhh! They’re not going to try to get Matt Flynn. Waaahhhhh! They let Hillis go. Waaaahhhhh! They didn’t try to draft Jesus Christ last year. Waaahhhh! We’ll lose 12 games next season. Waahhhhh! SHUT UP already, will you?

Have you noticed the players we’ve gotten in the drafts since these 2 got to town? Pretty good players if you ask me. Now it looks to me that with the acquisition of 2 DE’s (Frostee Rucker & Jucqua Parker), they are shoring up the defense. My guess is that you’ll see some exciting offensive talent come to Cleveland in this draft. Running Back? Wide receiver? Who knows but I’m really excited about this year’s draft. Mike said “Now is the time!” and I believe him. Look out AFC North! The Browns are back! For real!

At least that’s one fan’s opinion. ….. and I hope a lot more think the same!

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Readers Comments (4)

  1. Andy

    Thank God Some one has a brain around here. this was such a relief to read as I was often feeling in the minority in my thoughts on H&H. Keep it up BRO.

    • ron stratton

      It’s great to read a comment that I agree with 100%, I wish these “fans” would just go root for someone else because I’m sick of hearing them bitch!!

  2. Tom Jackson

    Will it is very nice to see a guy write an article that tells nothing but the truth. These so called fans in Cleveland would run the team right into the ground. I say so what they let Hillis go. I think it was one of those articles that LG wrote once that said Hillis was a poison to the Team!!! He was spot on. No team needs a guy on it that thinks more about himself than his team mates and this is exactly what Hillis did too..Look he runs off and Signs with the first team that waves a few bucks in front of his eyes. What happened to al the talk about he wanted to play in Cleveland? You watch people Hillis will not make it through the season in K.C. his sorry ass will be siting right on the bench with some sort of problems.

    Like Bob wrote here, you Browns fans need to S.T.F.U. and let these guys build a winner!!!!

  3. Andy

    You are right Tom. And lets put it in perspective. Hillis ONLY had 1100 rushing yards. Very average by todays standards. Fans got a hard on for him cause he was the best we have had. Well I don’t want the best WE have had. I want the best period..


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