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Mitchell Mortaza may keep his women of the Lingerie Football league just the way he likes them. With their mouths shut.  How dare these gorgeous ladies ever question anything he tells them to do, what to wear and how to act. Gee it almost sounds a little like slavery to me.  The only thing missing is the chains.  Half the time the players don’t even get paid to play the games.  Or should I say most of the time?  Mortaza has no respect for women at all it appears.   He could care less if they get hurt, if they get paid or anything else as long as he sells tickets and is able to line his pockets with these ladies blood money. Nine ladies were hurt in the past and when they asked to have their medical bills taken care of  they were served papers from the leagues lawyers instead.

Mortaza even tells these ladies they are by no way allowed to wear anything like underwear under their lingerie uniforms provided to them by the league. God Forbid there would be a chance to eliminate any accidental nudity in this league. He even had this written into the contracts these ladies had to sign, and if they did wear undergarments Mortaza could fine them $500.00 per occurrence.  You can see that HERE!!!… This is from around 2009 and I am not sure if Mortaza still makes his players sign it or not……..

On one side of his mouth Mitchell Mortaza expects people to believe him when he says,  he only is looking for the best  football players to make teams competitive as is the case in Toronto after 20 women walked out on him for their own safety.  The Toronto team is a new expansion team and they were beaten pretty bad in there first game.  Changes were made to the team and coaches were fired. Mortaza expects to be able to make any change to teams without any player making any comments what so ever.

Krista Ford was one of those players in Toronto who left the team. Ford has reportedly been one of the teams best athletes.  Krista Ford, the niece of Mayor Rob Ford and daughter of Councillor Doug Ford,  many have speculated Mortaza’s need to have Ford would only help him to expand to more teams in Canada.

When Mortaza was asked about the Toronto Triumph he replied like this,

The shakeup was necessary to refocus and improve the team’s performance, said league chairman Mitchell Mortaza.

“What they’ve done now is focus on real athletes versus wannabes that are more interested in being celebrities than football players,” he said on the phone from Las Vegas. “A lot of these women (that were released), quite frankly, aren’t used to playing at such a high level as far as sports.”

Team changes are at the discretion of management, and players should not comment, he added.

Mortaza spoke to Doug Ford on Wednesday morning, and both men are disappointed with her decision to leave, he said.

“We had much bigger plans for (Krista) as we launch into Canada,” he said. “It definitely seems like it was a rush to judgment, and one that unfortunately, I think she’s going to regret in the very near future.” (copied from the

I’ll bet Mortaza had bigger plans for Ford.  Gee I wonder what they included?  Now the Toronto Team has to play in a week and there is now way Mortaza can convince me he will have a better team than the girls he had there in a week.  I just hope the new girls that come into Toronto can honor the leagues request to allow accidental nudity, I think Mortaza may like that the best.  He even had that written into the leagues contracts you can see it HERE…

Hey Just stay tuned to Cleveland Sports 360. There is going to be more to come on the LFL as we get it….

There was a time when a player contacted Mortaza about some league issues,   Mortaza replied: “Let me give you a little advice and this goes for any other player creating unnecessary drama. Simply SHUT UP and play football.” He added that he wished the player would stop showing up “so we have reason to terminate you and assess the termination fine.”            Nice Guy This Mitchell Mortaza is!!!

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  1. moooose

    do you have a link that has the entire 12 page contract anywhere? ive been looking for that for almost 2 years. ive known this kind of stuff has gone one and that mitch was scum since i met him in tampa. if you have anything with more of the contract on it, id love the information please. i have a few lawyers id like to present the information to.

  2. Anonymous


    If you read this again please send me your contact info via e-mail to I would like to talk to you real quick. I have the Cleveland Sports 360 show which airs Monday night @6:00 maybe you have some info I would like to have….

  3. a little bird

    You can see excerpts of the contract at


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