When the Cleveland Browns drafted Johnny Manziel with the 22nd pick, I knew it was going to be trouble. Jimmy Haslam III,, wanted Manziel, and he claimed he took the advice of a homeless man, to pick Manziel.

Now, he has to have had his filled, with this troubled young man. Haslam can hardly make it a week without reading some Manziel headline, and the latest comes out of Texas, and has Manziel supposedly assaulting his girlfriend.

Just the other day the internet was filled with stories, concerning Jimmy Haslam and the Browns relationship with Johnny Manziel. Haslam was quoted as saying the Browns and Manziel could work things out.

It seems like it was just a day later, this story breaks about Manziel assaulting his girlfriend. What do you think Haslam and the Cleveland Browns are thinking now?

If you owned the team, what would you do with Manziel? The team doesn't need this distraction, and it's obvious Manziel isn't the leader the Cleveland Browns were looking for.

Vote in our poll, and tell us what you would do if you owned the Cleveland Browns.....

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