Will Trent Richardson Start week 1Fumbles, sacks that cause fumbles and interceptions in the preseason has left Browns fans hoping once Trent Richardson the Browns number one draft choice becomes healthy enough to start in the NFL that he is a natural. The fans haven’t had a chance to see what this powerful runner can do on the NFL level due to him missing the preseason with a knee that needed an extra repair. One thing the fans are hoping is that Richardson has the ability to help pick up the blitz and keep the opposing teams defense off rookie quarterback Brandon Weeden. The Browns offensive line has tried to do the job, in Fridays preseason game against the Eagles their number 2 ranked defense did  a pretty good job roughing Weeden up causing 2 turnovers that led to points for Philadelphia.

The good news for Cleveland fans coming out of Berea is the Browns are extremely hopeful Richardson will be ready for week 1. The bad news for Weeden and company as well as some fans is the Browns have to face the Eagles again in the season opener. Richardson is going to make a difference if indeed he does start in week one. Just his presence in the Browns backfield could make some of the Eagles defenders hold their ground and forget about the rush for a while.

Richardson not seeing one snap of NFL action as of yet is going to be asked to do a lot in week one. Not only are the Cleveland Browns hoping Richardson is going to explode their running game, they are hoping he can help protect the quarterback. It may seem like they are expecting a lot from a rookie running-back, they are. The speed of the game in the NFL is much quicker than College, for Richardson he is going to have to come up to speed quickly.

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  1. Ron

    Can’t imagine how we could possibly see spectacular play now with the knee still healing. And maybe, we won’t see it at all because of the knee problem. Best of luck to him for his career and to all Browns fans regarding this situation.


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