Can you believe all the talk of getting rid of Wes Walker in New England just because the guy dropped one catch and it happened to be in the Super Bowl? People, wake up this guy is an all pro receiver, Over the past five years Welker has caught 554 passes for 6105 yards and that is just in the regular season. This guy is great, in 2011 Welker had 1569 yards in receiving alone. So for people to say it is time to get rid of Welker in New England they either have short memories or they don’t appreciate talent when they see it.

If they do want Welker gone, please send him to Cleveland. We haven’t had a receiver that can catch as well as Welker in some time. We could certainly use a guy like Welker. I am sure he could help the Cleveland Browns get a few more wins. This guy would be a great addition to any team in the NFL.  Welker is a guy that will end up in Ohio sooner or later anyway, Canton Ohio that is when the induct him into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. He may as well get use to Ohio now, if you people in New England don’t want him on the Patriots, please feel free to send him our way.

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