Brandon Weeden aginst Buffalo DefenseThe Cleveland Browns take on the Buffalo Bills this Sunday in what could very well be Brandon Weeden’s last game this season if he is not protected well. Weeden is just starting to show some promise playing in the NFL, he played well in Cincinnati but lets face it, the Bengals don’t have the defense the Buffalo Bills have. Weeden was outside the pocket a few times by design in his last game. The Browns would do Weeden well keeping him in the pocket this week. There are three guys who play defense in Buffalo that could ruin your day if they were able to hit you just right.

The first guy is Marcell Dareus , he is a big quick defensive end that carries a lot of force when he hits you.  One of the Browns quarterbacks know the name Marcell Dareus  very well. He is the guy that knocked Colt McCoy out of the BCS Championship game in 2010. Dareus still carries a big blow, he knock out the Pittsburgh Steelers top drafted offensive line man for the season in a preseason game.

If the Brwons have plans of sending Weeden out of the pocket this week, it shouldn’t be to Marcell Dareus’s side of the field, if they do and he gets a clean hit on Weeden his season could be over just as fast as Pat Shurmur and the Browns named him the starter. Lets say the Cleveland Browns offensive line can control Marcell Dareus , there are still 2 others the Browns have to worry about.

One guy is Chris Kelsay, in his tenth year with the Buffalo Bills, Kelsay brings a ton of experience to the Bills defensive line. The 6’4″ 263lbs. Kelsay can still move for a guy his size. He is on the light side for a D.E. which is one of the reason’s he is so quick. Kelsay has 30 sacks in his career with the Bills.

Lets say the Browns do a good job of protecting Weeden against those guys, they still have to contend with the big package the Bills bring to the defensive line. Mario Williams could very will be one of the best defensive ends in all of football. The guy is a beast, at 6’6″ and 292 lbs. he has the quickness it takes to get to the quarterback and he is strong enough to do battle with the best  of linemen. The Browns young offensive line will have their hands full this week playing the Buffalo Bills. They have to find a way to protect Weeden. Mario Williams has 53 sacks in his first six years in Buffalo, he has yet to get a sack this season. You can bet come Sunday Mario Williams will be doing some Weeden hunting.

If the Browns are going to be successful, the offensive line is going to have to do a great job keeping these 3 guys from Brandon Weeden.

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  1. Joe Smith

    Man, if anyone of those 3 guys sack Mr. Weeden it could be all over. Your right about one thing, we will see just how good the Browns line is at protecting Weeden. I don’t think he is going to have the kind of time he did in Cincinnati….


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