By now we all know Mr. Brandon Weeden didn’t take his rookie season in the NFL all that seriously. It showed on the field and when he addressed the media.  Weeden didn’t spend the required time studying the play book or watching game film. We all head him say he found it boring and would put him to sleep. Now with a new coaching staff including a real offensive coordinator who will actually be able to call offensive play, the Browns will once again install a new offense.

With that being said I wonder who will feel more pressure once training camp starts, Weeden or his wife. She actually was reported to understand the Browns offense better in 2012 than Weeden did. It was her that tutored the Browns 29-year-old rookie quarterback to get him to learn the plays he knew. With new offense coming to Cleveland, we shall see if Weeden does a better job learning the plays this year. That is if the Browns keep the soon to be 30-year-old quarterback.

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  1. longhaul

    i say trade him and keep her. sounds like she has more smarts and would have a better qb rateing

  2. ABrown

    It depends on who will be taking Weeden’s play in 2013 seriously. We know it won’t be Weeden. He has the privileged sense of entitlement that comes from having everything handed to you.

    It will definitely be his wife, because the family depends on how he performs.

    The real question is Turner. If Weeden is a serious part of the Browns’ plans then Turner will have a difficult time as well. After all, Weeden expected Shurmur to compensate for Weeden not knowing the play book by walking him through everything the team would use in that week’s game. Remember he called Shurmur out for calling a route as part of a pass play that he hadn’t walked Weeden through the days leading up to the game.

    Where most coaches would insist that the QB learn the play book and be ready for whatever was in it, that was clearly not the way Weeden expected things to go.

    So if Turner decides to use Weeden he’s in for quite a shock and a lot more work than an OC would expect.

    Frankly, I believe that is the main reason that the rumor about trading Weeden got out. It’s no surprise that Banner and Lombardi don’t think much of Weeden, but Chud and Turner have now had about a month to look at Weeden and McCoy.

    I think Chud and Turner have already recognized what kind of work and hand-holding Weeden will require. I doubt that they see the rewards in working that hard with a player who won’t do his share of the work himself.

    How many plays would you be willing to take out of your play book for a QB who can’t move well enough to master the drop back from under center, who has trouble throwing anywhere besides the middle of the field and struggles with passes to either side line and at the side and back of the end zone,who doesn’t execute the play action very well, who so far has needed to have only one target at receiver, who can’t use sight lanes of look off a receiver well enough to keep linemen from batting down his passes, and who throws to his one choice at receiver too late to allow precise timing on the play to work.

    I’m having a hard time imagining Turner and Chud even considering starting Brandon Weeden. But if they do, they’re going to have to work even hard than Mrs. Weeden.

  3. tigersbrowns2

    hi LG …

    there may some truth to some of the claims above , but “not taking his rookie season all that seriously” … i highly doubt that.

    didn’t shurmur have an enormous playbook to begin with & then would be adding new plays to the gameplan every single week ? regardless , you are right , he has to know the playbook … who’s to say he didn’t know it ?? sure , maybe it was boring , hard & his wife may’ve helped him … this doesn’t mean he didn’t know the playbook.

    if chud & turner decide to work with weeden as their starter, one … turners offense would suit weeden better than the WCO & two , how can it not help weeden now that turner is mentoring him ?

    there will be no excuses for weeden if he doesn’t get it done this season … i believe he will.

    • LG

      TB2, do you follow Weeden’s life at all? He is doing nothing this off season to improve as a football player. Nothing. Follow him on Twitter, then you would know. McCoy spent his off season in the past trying to be a better player. Before Shurmur came he spent time with Farve….(McCoy) that is…

      • tigersbrowns2

        hi LG … then mccoy should have no problem wrestling away the starting job … should he ??

        accroding to ABROWN , with all due respect of course , you have a guy in mccoy that has no weaknesses … going against a guy who is dumb ,indecisive , a scared sissy , baseball failure , doesn’t know his playbook , no touch on his passes & a big do-nothing in the off-season.

        then it should be a slam-dunk for mccoy to regain his starting position … what does this say about mccoy if he doesn’t ?

        • LG

          TB2, you pretty much summed it all up. Maybe you should be the coach.

        • Bob

          McCoy is a leader, has heart and is enthusiastic, which is key to being a successful QB. McCoy is not the type to be lazy with the playbook.

          On a side note. I also see McCoy getting more endorsement deals then Weeden. In fact does Weeden have any endorsement deals? Reason I bring this up is it appears advertisers believe in McCoy’s abilities and see him as a leader over Weeden. Some of you may think this is a silly point, but it isn’t. Why would an advertiser have a weak player endorse their product?

          • tigersbrowns2

            hi BOB … it’s not that silly.

          • ABrown

            Bob, that reminds me of something you mentioned a few months ago, that McCoy had been chosen as the Cleveland players’ union rep When you look at the guys chosen for that, it’s always one of the most respected players on the team.

            Getting more endorsements is really significant, as well. Businesses want the most positive spokesperson for their products or company.

            And I remember reading something a few months ago, and I don’t even remember where, but it came out about the same time as Cribbs’ interview where he had said he and the rest of the team had expected this past year to be a breakout year for McCoy and that he would have won lots of games.

            What I remember is a writer besides LG saying that if the players were asked to vote for their QB, they would chose McCoy hands down.

          • RB

            I haven’t seen the leadership and heart that everyone keeps bringing up concerning McCoys characteristics. It’s not something that is measurable. But then again, many of the adjectives you tag onto Weeden are also not measurable (dumb, indecisive, scared, etc) either.

            I did notice, Bob, that you did not include talent as a key to a successful QB, nor did you include it in your glowing review of McCoy. Something about McCoy we can finally agree on :o ).

            I’m guessing the 2013/14 starting QB will more than likely be temporary, whether it be McCoy or Weeden who starts. The likelihood of one or both of them being a Cleveland Brown at the start of the 2014 season is very low.

            The Browns are not a playoff team, regardless of who plays QB this year. Whether you start Weeden or replace him with McCoy, Flacco (will sign with Ravens) or Smith (not strong enough arm) and the Browns won’t make it to the playoffs. They’re not good enough. Too many holes to fill on the defensive side of the ball.

            The defense didn’t perform as well this year as they did last year. I am excited about our new defensive coordinator. I’m just not sure we can fill enough holes to make the defense more viable than last year.

          • LG

            You must not have been looking very close RB

        • ABrown

          TB2, I said I couldn’t think of any of McCoy’s weaknesses when you kept asking for something over and over again — except very bad coaching.

          The only problem McCoy has had winning the starting job is a dishonest and phoney competition. He won last year. If there’s a real competition, he’ll win the job this year.

          Meanwhile, you haven’t really paid much attention to the Browns. In an interview with the broadcasters for the Washington game, he admitted he didn’t know the play book and joked about it and confided that his wife had started making flash cards to work with him on learning what he absolutely had to learn.

          Surely you remember when Weeden complained to the press mid season because Shurmur had called a route as part of a play and Shurmur had gone over it with him in the week before as he did every week — never mind that it was in the play book.

          And where did you hear that Shurmur was putting in new plays every week? The modifications were generally simplifications so Weeden could handle the plays.

          • ABrown

            A typo: I meant that Shurmur hadn’t gone over the route and held Weeden’s hand as he spoon fed the game plan to him. Weeden felt so entitled that he complained to the media.

          • Old Coach

            Reportedly, Weeden also, in college, demanded of his head coach that he have input into selecting a new offensive coordinator to replace a departing one.

          • LG

            Old Coach, if you studied Weeden in College, you would realize they had to over simplify the offense in order for him to run it.

  4. RICK

    I don’t know it’s kind of like ABrown helping LG with his articles. Keep up the campain though it might just work yet.LOL

    • LG

      I wish ABROWN helped with the articles. They would be better…

    • ABrown

      There you go, Rick. Can’t argue with the article so you think you can attack, LG. Well, it just won’t fly. I’ve never helped LG with his articles. I couldn’t begin to come up with all the ideas and information he presents every day.

      Back to the drawing board for you ’cause that cheap shot fell short.

      • LG

        Bravo ABrown

      • RICK

        ABrown, Not a cheap shot as you and LG tend to do, just an observation and an opinion.I don’t need to argue on speculation and rumors and needless attacks on Weeden. I have stated before I don’t care who the quaterback is so why argue about. It is what it is no matter how much that you bitch about it. Keep up the campain though maybe it will work out for you.

  5. Wane

    LG, this artical reads liks you are running out of negitive things to say about Mr. Weeden? after bad mouthing the guy all last season, and all the off seasson it sounds like your running out of fresh ideas. maybe following his life on twitter will spark something new for ya.

    • LG

      LOL that is funny Wane. I don’t follow his life on Twitter, however I do see people retweeting his tweets….

    • Bob

      Personal & Professional are two separate things. LG has never gone after his personal life. It’s Weeden’s professional play that is in question.

    • ABrown

      Wane, are you saying you don’t think a QB should learn the play book? Do you really think that’s TRIVIAL?

  6. Wane

    LG, i must say i realy enjoy the photo’s you post on Mr. Weeded. you come up with some good ones!!! made my day! LOL

    • LG

      Which ones are you speaking of Wane?

    • LG

      One of my favs was the Weeden Be Gone I made that one myself….Love it…

  7. Wane

    LG, not sure i seen the Weeden BE Gone? like to see it again. but the one with the flag is to funny!!!!

  8. Bob

    Why in the world did Weeden even let the public know his wife was helping him breakdown the playbook? So strange. Even if it was true, why put it out there if you want to be taken seriously as a professional ball player.

    When McCoy was first learning the WCO he went to Brett Favre for pointers and he did that not during regular season, he did that during the lock out on his free time prior to even preseason. He then took that knowledge along with the Browns playbook and arranged several workouts with Browns players in Austin & Cleveland also during the lock out prior to preseason.

    That’s the difference.

    • LG

      Bob, I really don’t think Weeden is the sharpest tack in the box. He should have never told the media half the stuff he told them.

      • ABrown

        I’ve never seen even a college QB be so stupid talking to the media. The only thing he seems to have a talent for is making a joke out of the job he was given on a silver platter.

        That’s what happens when someone gets something he didn’t earn.

        • LG

          You are exactly right ABROWN

      • tigersbrowns2

        and just what is truly wrong with his wife helping him … is it a crime ??
        does this mean he’ll never make it in the nfl ??

        heck , i do most everything with my wife … she is my best friend.

        you say he may not be the brightest crayon in the box … i say , at least he was honest.

        • LG

          TB2 are you his agent? I say there is nothing wrong with his wife helping him either. The main point is I don’t think he works as hard as he should at it….

          • ABrown

            The problem, TB2, was that it was the end of the season and he still didn’t know the play book, and he thought that was funny enough to make a joke out of it for a national TV audience.

            At least he only told the local press that he found studying film so boring that he fell asleep whenever he tried to do it. And that was after he had assured us after one of the early games that he was going to work to get better and that he really needed to study film more and learn the play book

    • ABrown

      Very good post, Bob. I can remember, when McCoy was at Texas, he organized the players in the off season, too, and was a leader in the summer, early morning workouts.

  9. Wane

    thanks LG, some of those i missed.

    • LG

      Not a problem…

  10. tigersbrowns2

    interesting … brandon weeden was 1 of 47 semi-finalists for the national scholar-athlete award … having a 3.24 out of 4 grade average in business management.

    to be considered candidates must demonstrate strong leadership & citizenship skills.

    i don’t think he’s quite as dumb as you all make him out to be.

    let me guess on all of your responses … “i’ll bet his wife did his homework” …

    • LG

      Yes, he went Yeah he got a business degree they practically give you one of those and if you are a star quarterback for the football team they really help you along. Take a look at Andrew Lucks studies and what he did in school then lets talk….

      • tigersbrowns2

        now you’re belittling his academic accomplishments ?? … man ,you will stop at nothing , will you ??

        now i have to think back to see if you have ever once, had 1 positive thing to say about weeden.

        hmmmm …

        • LG

          Don’t waste your time TB2. I did say he improved tremendously after the Eagles game…But when some one sucks that bad it is not that hard to be better. As far as his academic accomplishments, I didn’t bring them up you did. If you think for a minute they don’t give the Star football players special assistants to get them through school you are wrong. Weeden isn’t that smart of a guy….trust me, just listen to him sometimes.

        • RB

          He hasn’t.

      • RB

        A business degree might be more useful than a sports management degree.

    • Bob

      TB2 – Do we hear about any other professional player’s wife helping her husband with the playbook?

      Hey did you all hear? Peyton Manning’s wife really knows how to breakdown plays. Flacco’s wife really explained how to throw in a tight corner. Last week on ESPN we saw an interview with Drew Brees wife who explained how she got Drew to see over defenders and throw a 40 yard pass down the middle. WELL, you did NOT hear any of it because it did not happen and if it did none of these guys would put it out in the media period. It’s okay for spouses to help out each other, but to admit it to one’s boss will just make the boss wonder why he did not hire the spouse instead.

      • tigersbrowns2

        hi BOB … good post.

        i think this whole subject is just a little tad overblown , don’t ya think ??

  11. RB

    LG. A question for ya. If neither Weeden or McCoy are traded or released, and if Weeden is selected as the starting QB, will you support him?

    I had my fill of McCoy for the approximate year and a half he started, yet if he is chosen as the starter I will support him.

    • LG

      If Weeden can show he is a winner I will be glad to support him. You guys all think I have something personal about Weeden, truth is I don’t. I’ll bet he is a nice guy. just doesn’t have the balls for the game that’s all. If he proves me wrong I said it before and I’ll say it again, I will be the first to admit it.

  12. Bob

    Hey RB

    Way above you wrote, “I did notice, Bob, that you did not include talent as a key to a successful QB, nor did you include it in your glowing review of McCoy. Something about McCoy we can finally agree on :o ).”

    What? I have been responding here since October listing McCoy’s on the field talents over and over and over again on the field (Eg. he’s mobile, he can rush for a touchdown, he’s accurate with his passing, he can throw in tight spaces, he’s successful in the redzone, his QBR is higher then Weeden, he can convert 3rd downs and he CAN THROW THE LONG BALL and hit his target) and I don’t need to include that in every one of my pro-McCoy points. I think you are being too picky again.

    I did above write, “McCoy is a leader, has heart and is enthusiastic, which is key to being a successful QB. McCoy is not the type to be lazy with the playbook.” BUT that was adding to the conversation about Weeden having trouble with the playbook and basically not taking the time to LEARN the playbook. Weeden was the one who let us know about his problems learning the playbook first.

    Conclusion – Weeden was never a 1st round type player and every team seemed to know that except the Browns front office. I don’t want to hear what Kiper says about him this year because Kiper had him originally going in the 3rd or 4th round last year.

  13. RB

    I never have said Weeden was a first round player. I’m not convinced about Weeden, but I personally feel he’s a better alternative to McCoy.

    Go back and look at McCoys films. His passes were constantly behind the receivers on the slant ins and outs. That’s what they mean by arm strength.

    Make all the insults you want, but the Browns still scored more points (over 6 more per game) than the previous year.

    That is progress from the previous year.


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