The Cleveland Browns take Clemson wide receiver Sammy Watkins with the 4th pick in the 2014 NFL draft. Tell me that wouldn’t be music to the ears of Browns fans everywhere.

Watkins would bring a second dimension to the Browns semi lethal receiving core. Can you imagine what he could do for the Cleveland Browns?

Watkins and Gordon on the field at the same time would drive defenses in the NFL crazy. You can’t double cover everyone and having a receiving group like Gordon, Watkins and Jordan Cameron lining up would have defensive coordinators scratching their heads.

You could stop all these guys from making the plays. You saw last season what happens when you get the ball into the hands of Josh Gordon. What if you had 2 Gordon’s on the field at the same time?

This Cleveland Browns offense would be practically unstoppable.  Watkins is a sure handed guy who has been a star player since his high school days.

He set records in high school by catching 133 passes, for 2,997 yards and 36 touchdowns during his career at South Fort Myers High School.

When he went to Clemson, he continued to be a stand out receiver. Watkins made a huge impact in his freshman season in 2011. He caught 82 passes for 1219 yards and 12 touchdowns in his first collegial season, including 10 catches, 155 yards and two TDs against defending national champions Auburn.

He led the nation in reception yards per game, all-purpose yards and touchdowns, He also broke 11 school freshman records seven games into the season, including total all-purpose yards previously held by C. J. Spiller.

Watkins is one of he best receivers coming into the 2014 NFL draft. He could make an immediate impact for the Cleveland Browns. Cleveland needs to learn from the mistakes the team has made since returning to the NFL in 1999.

The Browns passed on several wide receivers over the past few years. They cannot afford to walk away from the 2014 NFL draft without having Sammy Watkins as a member of the 2014 Cleveland Browns.

Lots of talk about Cleveland taking a quarterback in this years draft. The Browns don’t necessarily need to waste a high pick on a QB. We saw last season what can happen when you get the ball to a play-maker like Josh Gordon.

Add another play-maker like Sammy Watkins to the roster and your teams offense is going to be hard to stop. The Browns need Sammy Watkins to compliment Josh Gordon. Then the team will win football games.

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Readers Comments (16)

  1. marty

    LG, I would love to see Sammy in a Brown’s uniform. I agree it would give opponent defenses trouble. Yet, there is one major problem. I would trash all the quarterbacks but Hoyer. From what I seen of Hoyer I’m impressed but not sold.I agree Manzel looks great. I’m concerned of his height and how he may stand-up to huge defensive lines. We need something to go our way. I have absolutely no confindence in our coaches.

    • LG

      Manzile will be killed in the NFL

      • TJ


    • Anonymous

      The Browns will be releasing Campbell and Weeden per sources

  2. Anonymous

    I like Marty’s idea!

  3. David

    I’m hoping all this Manziel talk is a smoke screen, at least up until this point. I’m not completely convinced that he can be a winner in the NFL but I’m willing to hold off judgement on him until the combines to see his abilities. Let’s be honest, this is yet another rebuilding year anyway so I’m content with Hoyer for 2014. Build the system and get the pieces around the QB, whoever that is, but don’t break the bank for Manziel.

    • LG

      I don’t think Manziel is the right pick for the Browns at all…

  4. Wally

    Watkins is absolutely the right pick with their first number one pick. Then take Hyde from OSU with the second pick in round one. Then pick a QB in the second round.

  5. Stiv Marley

    Work out a deal for Kirk Cousins to compete with Hoyer. Draft Watkins #4, Hyde #26. You accomplish a lot with these moves. Question is – Is Banner smart enough to pull that off ?

    • LG

      I don’t think Banner is that smart. He is too worried about he penny pinching.

      • Jeremy

        He is smart enough not to take Hyde in the 1st round. Maybe early 2nd, but not 1st. We need the best guard available at the top of the 1st, or anyone they take to run the ball, is doomed from the start… plus, I doubt Lavaou is coming back, and the prospect of Cousins (or someone worst) starting in that spot is terrifying..

        • LG

          I agree on a good lineman, plus they probably aren’t going to pay Mack either so we need a center.

  6. Norm

    If we take sammy Watkins at #4 that means we have to hit the free agent market, and snag some good Guards, and defensive help. I agree that sammy watkins, and josh gordon along with cameron would be great but lets not forget about Greg little who has improved, and the kid who returned kick-offs, and punts? His name escapes me right now.

    • Jeremy

      Travis Benjamin. He is pretty dang awesome. When is the last time the Browns picked a QB first in the draft? Couch right? I think that it is time to take a chance on Manziel or the best available QB. Without “the guy” we are going stuck on pause… course, Hoyer could surprise us all again and fill that roll for years to come…

  7. T Kekic

    I would be OK with Watkins. But the 26th pick should not be used on a running back. With a god o-line an average RB would become a very good one. Like Hyde but not in the first round. I DO NOT want to use the #4 pick on Johnny Football. Too small and he will get broken in the NFL.

  8. kelly morrison

    Cousins is a look a like with Hoyer, don’t even go after him..QB in 3rd..Watkins #4 pick Best player available #26..OL Hopefully..Stud RB in 2nd round pick and so on,,,FIll The Needs…PLEASE


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