Browns fans may be falling for fool’s gold. Because ESPN analyst Ron Jaworski said some kind things about Browns quarterback Brandon Weeden, Browns fans think that translates into a winner. Nothing could be further than the truth.

Fans choose to ignore some important facts in the Jaws report. First he ranks Weeden at 26th on his list. That means Jaws thinks Weeden is almost one of the worst quarterbacks of the 32 probable starters coming into the 2013 season.

The truth of the matter is that Jaws thinks it is going to take another season of hard knocks to bring Weeden up to speed in the NFL. Being ranked at 26th means there are only 6 quarterbacks worse than you starting in the NFL.

Is that enough to get your team into the play-offs? Is that enough to get your team a winning season? I don’t think so. Ron Jaworski thinks Weeden will be good in 2014. He thinks Weeden will be better in 2013 but ranking him at 26th out of 32 starters shows that Jaws thinks Weeden has a ton of improving to do this season.

Jaws was impressed with Weeden’s arm strength as he should be. Weeden has a strong arm but he also has a weak football mind. He makes critical mistakes in games and he has shown he can’t throw a touch pass into the corner of the end zone.

Weeden needs a lot of improving before he can be the leader a team like the Cleveland Browns need. While fans are excited that Jaworski said some kind words about Weeden, they choose to ignore the fact that he ranks him at 26th.

Being ranked at 26th isn’t going to get the job done in the AFC North.


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Readers Comments (6)

  1. longhaul

    26th hahahahahahahahahahaha I think he is really doing him a favor with that. he does have a strong arm I will give him that. but it also takes brains and he doesn’t have much in that department. he will be holding the clipboard by game 3.

  2. Dave Mcneeley

    I agree with long haul strong arm but he can’t read defenses. I like colt better even the kid from st. Ignatius.

  3. marty

    How is it possible for anyone be rated worse than weedon? Lg, name one game that weedon made a impact in a game of a positive nature. Weedon was drafted for the wrong reasons, typical for the management we had. He had his chance last season, he showed no improvement last year.He is a blemish on a up and coming team.How can anyone consider him a quarterback in the pros.

    P.S. LG, can’t answer the question-can you!

    • LG

      All I can think of is how bad he looked in the season opener. After thaT Anything else he did was a plus. People are blinded, they thin the guy is a hero.

  4. jackrabbit21

    Maybe Jaworski was promised a rebate from Haslam to say something nice about Weeden.

  5. Paul

    Instead of being critical of the guy, just let him do his job? If he can’t, he will be benched for Jason Campbell. Since we are not professional coaches or scouts, I always feel the best policy is to let them sort it out.


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