There were times when we questioned, Joe Haden’s abilities to be a shut down corner in the NFL. Those questions are quickly vanishing, with the performances he puts into every game.

Haden’s enthusiasm should be contagious. If the rest of the Cleveland Browns played the game like Haden, it’s hard to say how good this football team could be. Haden brings it on every play.

He completely shut – down A.J. Green on his home field in Cincinnati yesterday. Dalton refused to throw the ball in Haden’s direction after his two interceptions and a touchdown scored on one of those interceptions.

The Cleveland Browns defensive secondary is greatly improved over what we saw last season. This group of guys are developing the chemistry needed to intimidate the opposition. Haden’s ability to change the game is outstanding, and he is quickly making himself a Pro Bowl selection with the season he is having.

Somehow, the rest of the Cleveland Browns need to find a way to bring Haden’s intensity to the field with them. Specifically the offensive line. If these guys could play with this kind of intensity, it would greatly help this team to win more in the NFL.

If there is a guy who should be a team leader it is Joe Haden. His will to win any given battle that comes his way, makes him an invaluable member of this Cleveland Browns team.

Somehow the others need to learn from how prepared Haden is, and get to this level themselves. If they could carry out this, the team would be a winner.

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Readers Comments (5)

  1. Arthur

    Is the same Joe Haden that not long ago you were saying was being outplayed by Buster Skrine?. Alrighty then………

    • LG

      Maybe you have some trouble seeing but I stated that we have made some misjudgements concerning Haden…..Alrighty then

      • Brownie

        I think the author confuses intensity and enthusiasm with talent. Maybe if the rest of the Browns had Haden’s talent they would be successful. Half of the defensive backfield got punked on Gresham’s TD, he just manhandled them and pushed his way into the end zone. Of course James Harrison did the same thing to most of the offense on his interception return. With the Steelers heating up and the Browns in the basement I think it is time for Cleveland to start planning for the draft. Only 170 shopping days left!

  2. marty

    Hayden and the rest of the defense are great.How dumb are coaches are—They probley will trade Hayden for a 7th round draft choice. Bonehead plays-no excuse. We have no shot at all.

  3. David

    I agree with the article LG. Joe Haden did a great job yesterday with the two interceptions, the second of which led to a TD. Defense overall did a better job than everyone else on the team. Offense was garbage. Both Thomas and Schwartz had stupid False Start penalties. Special Teams were especially dismal. Two blocked punts. Plus, when the Bengals had to punt late in the game, we had to get another stupid penalty which allowed Cinci to keep the ball for another first down. Coaching was unusually conservative when it came to two fourth and goals and settling for field goals. They need to play a lot better against the Squeelers next weekend.


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