Vinnie Pestano Atitude If the players on the Cleveland Indians would have attitudes like Indians set up man Vinnie Pestano this team would be winning baseball games.  We have seen this over and over, the Indians come into the season, start off great and then when the second half comes around the team folds.  The guys who play for the Tribe need to take a lesson from a guy like Vinnie Pestano. The intensity Pestano plays with is second to none. If Pestano comes into a game and has a tough inning he gets fired up. Even when Pestano does well he gets made at himself if he makes a mistake on the mound, this guy wants to win at all costs.

The other players on the team look like, oh well, I didn't get a hit. This is not a winning attitude, there were days when you would see guys breaking bats across their knees when they stuck out. Cold you imagine what Pestano would do if he couldn't get a hit? This guy would destroy the dug-out. The other players on the team bring no attitude to the game with the exception of Michael Brantley. How can a team win when the guys have no emotion? Having a guy like Pestano on the team should be contagious to the other players. This guy runs out of the Bull-Pen once his name is called and pitch after pitch he brings an attitude with it.

To win on a professional level, you gotta want it, and you have to want it more than the other team. The Indians since the second half started look like they are just going through the motions. That is unacceptable. The Manager of the team Manny Acta shouldn't be putting up with this crap. He needs to get this team moving. I don't accept the excuse the Indians don't have enough talent. This team won plenty of games in the first half of the season, they did it two years in a row.

In my humble opinion, part of the problem looks like lack of motivation.  This is the managers fault. If Acta can't get his players to have the same attitude as a guy like Vinnie Pestano, then he shouldn't be here. The Indians are lucky to have  Pestano who is by far the best set-up man in Major league baseball. The way this team is playing it is a joke to guys like Pestano. The Indians will likely lose Vinnie Pestano because the team can't win and the front office won't pay the money to keep him here when his contract is due.

If Acta can't get his guys going he should UN-leash Vinnie Pestano on the team with his hot Italian temper. He'll get this team fired up. It is clear Acta isn't able to do it....Half the time I think someone in the dug-out needs to check Acta for a pulse. Heck half the time it looks like someone should be checking the players for a pulse too....

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