Jimmy Haslam III and the other 2 stooges that run the Cleveland Browns are waiting to interview Broncos offensive coordinator Adam Gase. It has been made clear, John Elway wants Gase to stay with the Denver Broncos.

Now with Gase going to the Super Bowl, the Browns won’t be able to interview him for at least a few more weeks. Meanwhile the team is suffering lack of direction without the services of a head coach and his assistants.

The Cleveland Browns are going to get beat once again by John Elway. We don’t know what Elway promised Gase to stay in Denver, but with a Super Bowl appearance, why would Gase want to come to Cleveland?

The Browns are a team that is years away from making it into a Super Bowl. Elway could have promised Gase the head coaching job in Denver once John Fox steps down.

Haslam and his front office shouldn’t wait around only to be rejected by another coaching prospect. Cleveland needs to start evaluating the teams next step in rebuilding and they don’t have the luxury of time.

Waiting around to interview Gase is a mistake. It is highly doubtful he would want to come to Cleveland and work for this front office. Too many candidates have already rejected the head coaching job in Cleveland and Gase has to have a bad taste in his mouth when it comes to the Cleveland Browns and their leadership.

It is time to move on Mr. Haslam. You aren’t going to get Gase.

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Readers Comments (14)

  1. Paul Avery

    I thought Peyton Manning was the OC for Denver.

    • LG

      Hey you are probably right….

    • Chuck

      Adam Gase is actually a very very intelligent football mind. Peyton is having the best year of his career under Gase. They’re breaking records. Also around the league gase is regarded as the “complete package” when it comes to a head coach.

  2. David

    This is getting frightenly painful to watch. Is there a coach left at all in that building in Berea? OC Gone, DC Gone, HC Gone…It’s like seeing a ship sailing with no captain, CO or LT to steer it on. I’m willing to be patient but this is getting ridiculous.

    • LG

      Hey Joe Banner is still there……LOL

  3. peter goesinya

    browns already had the water boy coach the team … how about the popcorn vendor ?

    • LG

      It may be coming…..

  4. jon harris

    has it really made any difference the last few years.

    • LG


  5. John

    Gase has withdrawn his name….classy move on his part. Dont make them wait if you’re not interested..

    • LG

      Cleveland Browns head coaching job is radioactive….

      • Swarming Defense

        Browns head coaching job is a career “KILLER”.

        • LG

          Sure the hell is…

        • jackrabbit21

          Browns player job is a career “KILLER”.


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