It’s already mid-week and the Cleveland Browns head coach Rob Chudzinski has named his starting quarterback for this Sundays game against the Cincinnati Bengals. If history holds true we would expect Chud to name the starting QB today.

It was last Wednesday when he named Hoyer the starter heading into the Vikings game. The fans would like nothing more than to see Brian Hoyer start. 93.48% of the fans polled want to see Hoyer start again. Poll Results can be seen here.

The fans loved what they saw last week, these fans know football and many of them think this is the first time they saw a real quarterback on the field since the team wasted a first round draft pick on a washed up failed major league baseball player who could cut the mustard in the MLB.

Hoyer showed the poise and the decision-making process the fans expect out of a starting quarterback. He brought solid leadership to the field and he knew the team had to win the game in the final seconds to avoid a possible overtime because the team’s place kicker was injured.

He was in a high pressure situation and he handled it like a veteran who had years of experience. Nothing bothers this kid, he got the job done and he deserves another chance this weekend.

The Bengals are a tougher opponent than the Vikings, but the fans think Hoyer is the better guy to handle this situation. They loved his decision-making process and have faith the kid from the team’s own back yard is the man Chudzinski should start.


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Readers Comments (2)

  1. Jim V

    LG, I need your help! Why in the name of God would coach Chud play this silly game of who’s going to start at quarterback Sunday? They had no problem not calling are talking to TR before they traded him. Then what is the problem with telling Weedon that you are now the third string QB? If it were up to me, I would suggest to him (Weedon) to see if he can get back into the minor-league in baseball! We the fans and the Cincinnati Bengals know who’s going to start on Sunday. Now if our head coach doesn’t like his job very well, and would put Weedon back as starter. Then such a cry would come forth that the city of Cleveland buildings would start to crumble! I am not saying that Hoyer is going to beat up the Bengals! but we have a better shot at winning with him. Hoyer, in ways reminds me of one of my all time favorite QB for the Brown’s, Brian Sipe!

  2. Jim V

    Sorry LG I miss read your post! personally I think he should’ve said it during his press conference after the game last Sunday!


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