Imagine–players in the N.F.L. trying to knock other players out of a game. Roger Goodell is probably grabbing at his chest these days just thinking about how to handle this situation.  Are you kidding me? This is the National Football League, come on people these are some of the toughest athletes in the world playing this game we American’s know as football. Whether is has been admitted or not, players have been trying to knock players out of games since the onset of this sport in America, anyone who thinks it hasn’t is just kidding themselves.

Goodell doing something about this New Orleans Saints bounty thing is going to be very humorous too. I mean come on what can he do? Is Goodell going to go back through the history of the NFL and suspend every player that ever tried to knock a guy out of a game? Lost of these guys are already dead, I can see Roger now, grabbing a shovel going to the grave yard and digging some of these original NFL players up so he can give them a stern talking to.

Lets get real people, anyone thinking this sport doesn’t include trying to knock a player out of a game doesn’t exist in the NFL is living in a dream world. Just think of each time a receiver comes down with a catch, it is the defensive backs job to try and hit him so hard he knocks the ball loose. If that isn’t enough you can bet these guys want to lay a hit on someone that makes them think about it on the very next play.

Bounties have probably been around for years. Players letting it go public is something new. Thinks about a prize fighter taking to the ring and knocking their opponent down to the point where the guy can’t get up. Guess what, if they can do it they win the fight. Playing NFL football is much like a fight. You fight for every inch of ground you can to move the football, you fight to knock the other fighters down.

If the guy can get back up and continue, you knock him down some more. If you can knock the guy out of the game for a few plays, even better. If you can knock them out of the rest of the game and the guy is a key player for the team you’re facing guess what? You may have just changed your opponents entire game plan, especially if the guy you knocked out is the starting quarterback.

This is the National Football league folks. Yes the sport is violent. Yes people have hit others so hard they break legs and worse. That is how the game is played. As long as a team can play within the rules of the game, everything goes. Simple the players in the best shaped survived. If you’re weak and you can’t do it, you are not going to make it into the NFL in the first place.

People Shouldn’t be in shock or act as though they are in shock hearing about someone trying to knock someone else out of a game. It’s football, in this game you are trained from the beginning to knock the crap out of the guy with the ball. It is how the game is played period. Bounties, they have been in place for years.  Goodell may think he can stop it, he may in reality make things worse. Leave the game alone Roger, if the players play within the rules, let it be….It’s NFL Football….

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