The Cleveland Browns just made Brandon Weeden's rookie start in the NFL for the regular season a bit tougher. They traded safety David Sims to the Eagles for an undisclosed draft pick in 2013. Sims was the stand out defensive player for the Browns this preseason. Sims did an outstanding job playing against the pass. He intercepted 2 passes, one against the Detroit Lions and one against the Green Bay Packers. Sims returned one of those passes for 38 yards and a touchdown.

The Eagles defense was already a little tough on Brandon Weeden, why not give them a guy who can sit back there and just wait for Weeden to throw one of his ill-advised passes he can't help but to try and thread into a tight place. Why not give the Eagles a guy that spent his entire training camp watching Weeden and the Browns? Why not give the Eagles a guy that knows just about every tendency Brandon Weeden has?

The Browns clearly weren't thinking when it came time to deal with the David Sims roster move. Sims has talent and come the Browns opening game, the fans in Cleveland will see yet another guy that could have seen have been a star in Cleveland go to another team the Browns play and become a star. Come September 9th, the Cleveland fans will see how good David Sims could have been when he takes one of Weeden's passes deep.

Yes sir, I don't think the Browns front office did Brandon Weeden any favors....

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