Joe Banner came out and made a statement questioning if receiver Josh Gordon was worth the second round pick the team gave up to get him. If he is concerned about Gordon, what does he really think about the first round picked the former front office used to draft Brandon Weeden?

Weeden was taken as the Browns second pick in the first round of the 2012 NFL draft (22nd) overall. He didn’t perform like a first round pick and it was clear once the new ownership took over the team, they were less than happy about Weeden’s performance. The team has little choice this year about what to do with Weeden. This could be his final year with the Cleveland Browns if he doesn’t perform to Banner’s expectations.

The Browns won 5 games in 2012. Weeden made some bad decisions and some say his eyes get glued to where he is going to throw the football. Is this something that better coaching can correct? Weeden comes from a baseball background. For years he has focused on the target while throwing the baseball. In the NFL, a good quarterback has to be able to look off of the intended receiver. Is this something that Brandon Weeden is going to be able to change?

The Browns do have a choice this season. They brought in Jason Campbell to compete for the starting job in Cleveland. If Banner and the Browns don’t like what they see with Weeden in camp and the preseason, they can start Campbell at quarterback. The fans want wins this season. The team is already setting up the fans for another term of rebuilding. How long can this cycle continue in Cleveland? It is going on 14 years….

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Readers Comments (5)

  1. jrustyo


    We all understand the issues eveyone has with Weeden’s performance last year but the comments made by Banner were in reference to Gordon.

    Please give me something new to respond to and not another blah blah blah recap on Weeden.

    Do you agree with Banner’s opinion on Gordon or not? Was he worth the second round pick or not?

    • LG

      I think he was worth the second round pick and should have a much better year this season….

  2. MPH

    So Banner is asked, What do u think about the Josh Gordan pick?
    “I think Josh has to keep working hard and improving,” Banner said. “A top-of-the-second-round pick on a WR, you would hope by the second or third year you’d have a big, big impact player.”
    Don’t see the big deal here. The jury is out on every first year player from last season.
    Josh has a huge upside and is extremely gifted. I think Banner is just sending a message to a guy who will heavily impact the Browns up coming season.
    ( Read your writings daily keep it up LG!!!!)

    • LG

      Thanks MPH…..

  3. ricktenny

    Back when the sale of the team was still up in the air and we were all being introducesed, I read an article written by a Philadelphia sports writer who basicaly said this. The atmosphere around the Eagles during Joe Banners time there was always in turmoil. No one knew where they stood, he displayed little loyalty and was ruthless in his player assesments. It didn’t take much to be down the road. That said I don’t think I would put a whole lot into daily remarks about individual players. I think he just likes stirring the pot. Although I never created that kind of atmosphere around my own company, I never paid anyone half a million a year to catch a ball.
    So far as Weeden goes, I think the question should be what Banner thought of the idiots who elevated him into the first round. I think the fact that he’s still around has more to do with the coaching staff than Banner. I personnaley don’t think he will be be around long as a starter after they see what he can do with what will have to be a dumbed down playbook, unwillingness to take hits and poor decision making. Only time will tell.


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