The comedy show we've all come to know as the Cleveland Browns, continues to disappoint fans everywhere. Last week some of those fans thought there problems were solved when the team decided to start Hogan at quarterback.

How wrong were they? The Cleveland Browns have deeper problems than who the starting quarterback is. This coming Sunday the team will start Kizer again. How will this help the Browns avoid their 7 loss of the season, if the defense can't stop their opponents from scoring 33 points in the game?

Cleveland's defense has given up 157 points in 6 games. It's difficult to imagine, that the Browns defense is ranked overall at number 8. They always seem to find a way to give up the points the other team needs to win.

Last season the team had the same problem. I can tell you there were plenty of opportunities last season for the Browns to win more than one game. Somehow this team goes into the locker room at the half, and plans on coming out to lose.

How does this happen year after year? The Cleveland Browns are terrible at evaluating talent. It's incredible this team has had the opportunity to draft difference makers in high rounds of the draft and went on to take bust outs that don't make any difference at all.

Until the Browns bring someone in that can really evaluate talent needed to be competitive in the NFL, I'm afraid the Cleveland Browns will continue to lose.

There's a lot of talk of Peyton Manning coming to Cleveland, but I'd be very surprised if he would really take a job with the Browns. Especially if they intended to keep the people they have in the front office now.

Why in the world would Manning want to put his NFL legacy in jeopardy working with these guys? The only way I see him coming to Cleveland is if he had total control of the team. Then there is the reality of another total rebuild of the Browns.

This would take another 3-4 years I'll bet. So how in the heck, can this franchise turns things around with a change at  QB? Simply put they can't!!!


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