First, let me start by saying, when the Cleveland Browns announced they were hiring Hue Jackson as their head coach, I was very excited. I thought finally the Browns might have gotten it right, they are hiring a guy that has had some success in the NFL, and a guy who knows how to break in young quarterbacks.

Since then Hue has managed to lose every game he has coached with the team except one. He doesn't seem to mind losing and his play calling inspires losses in the NFL. To me,  Hue looks clueless out there.

Yesterday's loss in London sealed the deal for me. I have come to the realization that Hue Jackson needs to be replaced, and I know it's hard to do it mid-season, but if I owned the Browns I would fire him today and replace him with one of the other coaches until I could find a real head coach.

The Browns lost to the Vikings in London by a score of 33-16. The team is an international joke with a record of 0-8 this season following their 1-15 record last season. The team shows no pride and they don't mind losing, at least that's what I take away from Hue.

He says he still has Haslam's support, even though he is 0-8 this season. That too is a joke. The main problem is, who in their right mind would want to come and work for an organization that has no one in their front office that knows a thing about football players?

The Browns suck at talent evaluation and have wasted more first round picks over the last 18 years, that any team in the history of the NFL. I know the revolving coaching door isn't good for the team, but either is having Hue Jackson as head coach.

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