The Cleveland Browns management could be to close to the situation to see what the problem is, or am I just making an excuse?  Colt McCoy wasn’t the entire problem with the Cleveland Browns last season, of you couldn’t see it tonight you have to be blind. McCoy was the only Browns Quarterback that was able to move the team and put points on the board with a touchdown. McCoy is the only Cleveland quarterback that didn’t turn the ball over. Wallace on his first play in the game threw a poor pass into double coverage only to have it picked off. Anyone who couldn’t see Colt McCoy was the better of the three quarterback that played for the Browns tonight has a serious problem withe their eye sight and they need to have it checked.

It has been clear to see this preseason that Colt McCoy has been the best quarterback the Browns have on their roster. I am not saying Weeden is a terrible quarterback, I am saying Weeden is not ready for prime time yet. The Browns have no way to protect the guy and they should have taken a better offensive lineman in the draft played McCoy this season and then take one of the many top ranked quarterbacks that will be available in the 2013 draft.

Even Tom Heckert sees the improvement in Colt McCoy this season. When asked in his pre-game interview about McCoy showing improvement this season Heckert said they thought McCoy would be a better Q.B. this year.  If that is the case why did they take Weeden and try to throw McCoy under the bus. Browns fans know football, they have seen first hand this preseason who the better quarterback is. Yet the excuse will be it is preseason and it doesn’t matter.

If that is the case then why do they cut players off the team in the preseason? Why not let them play two or three games before they get rid of them. The preseason is the matrix that talent has been measured in the NFL for years. This is what teams use to set their rosters and this is when they decide who plays and who the back ups are. This is the time when the Cleveland Browns management should see who their starting quarterback should be. And it shouldn’t be Brandon Weeden.

With out a doubt, Colt McCoy should start the Browns season. If he can’t get it done and the offensive line can get their act together then they should put Weeden in. He simply isn’t the best choice at present……

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  1. ronald stratton

    I’ve been saying for two years now that the problem wasn’t McCoy. Now it’s starting to show!!

  2. Bob Bower

    Colt was playing their 3rd string too.

    • LG

      Weeden didn’t face the first string the entire time he was in there… The Browns should have found a way to improve their offensive line to give Weeden the protection he needs to do a great job. Maybe I don’t express myself right when I write these articles Bob. But Weeden is not the kind of Q.B. the Browns need with the line they have…..It is going to be another Tim Couch situation….

    • ABrown

      Philadelphia was playing extremely talented reserves all night, but not as platoons of first ones as a group, then twos. They mixed 2s, 3s, and 4s in individually. Here’s a description of the FIRST half from the Philadelphia Inquirer:

      “The Eagles had four sacks and two fumble recoveries at halftime. During those 30 minutes, they held Cleveland to three points and made the Browns look like a second-string unit going against starters – even though the Browns played their starters against an Eagles lineup mostly filled with reserves.”

      They continued to use reserves in the 2nd half but I didn’t spot any 4s until the 4th quarter. They were all competing fiercely for a roster spot.

      But the old “Colt played against the reserves” doesn’t hold up here. Cleveland played the Philly reserves all night, but Colt took them on with our reserves, instead of starters.

      I think a lot of people are going to have to admit that Colt played lights out and drove the length of the field for a TD pass against the Eagle defense in a feeding frenzy.

  3. david

    I am tired of hearing people say, “Yeah, McCoy looked better but he was playing against the back-ups. Weeden was playing against the starters.” The only reason we are having this debate is because Weeden looks horrible against the starters. If he was truly ready to be a starting QB in this league, there would be no QB controversy. When you watch the preseason games of other teams, how many of the starting quarterbacks get out-played by their back-ups? When a team has a decent starter, the back-up rarely out-plays the starters. Even though they too are playing against the 2nd and third stringers, this when this happens it is the exception rather than the rule. This QB controversy is exactly what I expected when the Browns reached for Weeden in the first round. The reason we have a controversy is because we do not have a clear starter. Currently, McCoy is playing at a much higher level than Weeden. McCoy should be the starting QB. If they trade him away, this is going to be a really, really long season.

    • Anonymous

      Terrible running back situation last year,bad offensive line,inconsistent recievers at best,new head coach,new offensive coordinator,late start from strike,getting rid of Lawrence VIckers,I love the Browns and I know McCoy has flaws,but he did show poise as a rookie when Delhomme and Wallace went down,but Joe Montana in his prime couldn’t win with this situation.Unfortunately impatient Browns fans wanting the back-up when the starter throws an interception,a front office and coaches that change almost every other year and a disinterested owner have created this situation.Protect you’re quarterback,establish a running game(Richardson seems like a great pick,Hardesty does not),get some recievers who can seperate and catch,and be a little more creative with the calls(13 years of 2 yard run up the middle on 1st down,1 yard run up the middle on 2nd down, 6 yard catch over the middle on 3rd and 7.

      • ABrown



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