In April of 2005 something very unlikely happened in Cleveland, a football player from Kent State University walked onto the Cleveland Browns. Yes sir, that is the year Josh Cribbs began writing his own history as the Cleveland Browns kick return man. Not only was Cribbs good at fielding the ball, this guy could change the game with any return he handled. Since then Josh Cribbs has been a brick in the Browns foundation. While dozens of others came and went Josh Cribbs remained on the Cleveland Browns. Cribbs was such a game changer the Cleveland Browns gave him a shot as a wide receiver, all Cribbs did then was run up yards and  scored touchdowns receiving . Josh Cribbs is the iron man for the Cleveland Browns, that is for sure.

Cribbs is coming into his 8th season with the team, I think the only guy that has been here longer may be Phil Dawson, I could be wrong about that. Like anyone else who ever played the game of football in the NFL, the body starts to wear down. For Cribbs he has stayed in good shape having never suffered any major injuries. But father time moves on and football teams find younger talent that is faster than old veterans too. You have to wonder if the Cleveland Browns haven’t taken years off the career of Josh Cribbs having him do so much the past two seasons. If Cribbs strictly played special teams maybe he could have played longer, not that Cribbs is leaving, I was just thinking out loud.

Now as Cribbs comes out to start his 8th season with the Browns, I wonder how much action he will get. There is nobody on the Cleveland Browns team that wants to win more than Josh Cribbs. This year they have a guy named Travis Benjamin, it was a little weird seeing him return kicks and punts in the preseason. I am not used to seeing anyone else back there other than Cribbs. This leaves me asking the question, how much longer can we expect to see Josh Cribbs on the field for the Cleveland Browns?

From where I am sitting, I hope he has a great season and a few more after this one….

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