When the Cleveland Cavaliers, fired head coach David Blatt, many thought it was a misprint. After all, in his first year as a head coach in the NBA, he took the Cavs to the finals.

But that wasn't the case, the Cavaliers really did fire David Blatt, despite the fact he was 30-11 on the season, and the Cavaliers are leading the Eastern conference.

Cavaliers G.M. David Griffin said the decision to fire Baltt was due to "a lack of fit with our personnel and our vision." But many sports writers around the Cleveland area think that fit is directly related to LeBron James, and his ability to agree with Blatt's coaching.

Could that be true? Sure, I suppose it could be. If you watched the Cavaliers play, you would see LeBron taking over in the huddles. Many times it looked like Blatt was on the outside looking in.

Blatt had success sense coming to Cleveland. For the Cavaliers to fire a guy who was a winner, doesn't make since to some. But lets face it folks, LeBron James is the star of this team, and whatever vision he may have could also become the main  focus of the Cleveland Cavaliers front office.

Some are thinking this could only happen in a town like Cleveland. They finally get in a winner, and they fire him. I guess we'll soon see if the Cleveland Cavaliers are a better team without David Blatt court-side.

There is plenty of basketball left to be played, and it will be interesting to see how LeBron James interacts with Tyronn Lue.



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