Greg Little led NFL in Dropped passes Last season the Browns saw Greg Little lead the NFL in dropped passes, this season the Cleveland Browns saw a much improved Greg Little show up to training camp. The problem is the Cleveland¬† Browns aren’t seeing what takes place on the practice field make the transition into the games. Little missed a key pass in the game against the Eagles, the pass surely could have lead to a Browns touchdown. Instead it was a turnover, the kind of turnover that changed the momentum of the game.

There is an old rule for receivers in the NFL, if you can’t catch the football you have to be sure the defender can’t catch it either. It is difficult to say if Little could have done anything to stop the pick, once the ball hit Little he deflected the pass and we all know what happened after that. Head coach Pat Shurmur needs to find a way to either make Little a better receiver or he needs to use Little in a different way. The Browns offense struggles so much putting points on the board they can’t afford these kind of mistakes.

The Cleveland Browns made terrible decisions in the off-season. They went out and got a new quarterback and did very little to improve the chances of someone catching the passes from the new quarterback. Why the Cleveland Browns didn’t make any moves to sign a veteran wide receiver that could help the Cleveland Browns win football games is anyone’s guess. It further demonstrates the head coach’s inability to judge the talent the Browns have.

Shurmur made moves when he saw Hardesty fumble the ball in the preseason, yet he hasn’t done anything to correct Little’s lack of receiving the football. If Little has another bad game against the Bengals this Sunday, something has to be done to change that. Maybe the Browns President needs to get off his butt and come down to the side lines and help his head coach do things that can improve the teams offense.

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