Jimmy Haslam III, the owner of the Cleveland Browns has to be one nervous guy this evening. Haslam sat back and watched as 8 more of his Pilot Flying J, truck stop employees got indicted today.

How long can Jimmy Haslam III, escape prosecution? It's hard to imagine the man who most of the indicted criminals reported to, knew nothing about the rebate scandal that was taking place at the company he ran.

Today an indicted came down, for Mark Hazelwood. That name might night mean much to fans of the Cleveland Browns, but for those who have followed the Pilot Flying J scandal, they know he is the former president of Haslam III company.

He, like some others that were indicted, reported directly to Jimmy. Hazlelwood might be the guy the Fed's get to flip the evidence they need to grab an indictment for the big man at the top of this pyramid.

Hazelwood was indicted on three counts of conspiracy to commit wire fraud and one count of witness tampering. I wondered who ordered him to tamper with a witness?

How much money does anyone need. Pilot Flying J is a 31 Billion dollar company. They were making money hand over fist without this scam. They couldn't be happy doing business honestly apparently, so they came up with a way to fraud more money out of the hands of their customers.

The people at the top of this scam have said, these customers weren't smart enough to know they were being taken. Well, I guess they were wrong about that. Everyone who ever committed a crime, thought they were smarter than who ever they committed that crime against.

For the people at Pilot Flying J, I guess they better review that mentality.  Jimmy Haslam III, has to be one nervous guy this evening. He may be the only person who knows how much his former president knows. And if Hazelwood starts talking to the feds, Haslam III could be the next Pilot Flying J employee being handed an indictment.

If that's the case, the Cleveland Browns could very well be looking for a new owner.

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