If you watched the Cleveland Indians getting hammered, by the Oakland Athletics last night, you couldn’t help but to notice Carlos Santana struggles playing 3rd base. Santana missed a ball up the 3rd base line that a more athletic player would have been able to handle with little problems.

He then made a play of a normal ground ball, and then struggled to get it out of his glove and made a terrible throw over to 1st, pulling his teammate off the bag, and allowing a hit. Santana has been able to somehow hold onto his job over at 3rd.

But we have to wonder how long this is going to last. Terry Francona has to know Santana is having problems learning to be a 3rd baseman. He has to know the team would be better off having him at 1st base or hitting in the DH spot.

To continue to play him at 3rd, will continue to allow the opposition to take advantage of a poor fielding player at 3rd.

The Indians should know by now, Carlos Santana is struggling at 3rd, and at time that struggle makes the organization look stupid.

The Indians need to mount a solid defensive effort to win games. Santana at 3rd base isn’t going to help their situation much. Not this season anyway. Come on already Mr. Francona, make the change and never look back.

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Readers Comments (3)

  1. becky killion

    A darn good question.He needs yo go down to minors and work on fielding and BATTING!

  2. jimmy garst

    I never could understand that Lonnie C is hitting over 300 and sitting on bench. Terry has to wake up and either bench the veterans who don’t perform and let the players who are hitting play. The line-up is messed up. The top of the order will bat more than bottom half. Then why put Murphy, Gomes, and Lonnie C on bottom. Now Big G is coming off DL and is hitless in 12 at bats and wonder who is going to get shipped out?

    • LG

      It’s hard to believe a guy who is so experienced as Francona isn’t seeing this….


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