Colt McCoy plays in steelers gameAlmost one year ago, the Pittsburgh Steelers knocked the Cleveland Browns quarterback Colt McCoy out of action. Today the Steelers knocked the Browns 29-year-old rookie Brandon Weeden out of action forcing head coach Pat Shurmur to  play his back up Colt McCoy. I wonder what went Shurmur’s mind? He certainly wasn’t going to let McCoy throw a pass in the game. He would rather go 3 and out punt the ball and leave it up to the Browns defense to win the game. Why not? The Browns defense played great today, this had to be one of the best defensive performances by the Cleveland Browns defense in years, or was it? We have to remember the Steelers came into the game at a disadvantage. But so what, t he NFL works that way. Injuries are a part of the sport and the Browns beat the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Brandon Weeden didn’t exactly shine in the game, he played just well enough to put more points on the board than the Pittsburgh Steelers were able to do with their third string quarterback Charlie Batch. Weeden started out watch one of his passes get picked off and returned for a touchdown giving the Steelers an early 7 point lead. The Browns were then blessed from above with all kinds of Pittsburgh Steelers fumbles. This was to be Weeden’s day. Although Weeden continued to make poor throws and the Steelers had an opportunity to intercept a number of Weeden’s errant throws they dropped the ball.

Now comes the problem that Pat Shurmur is facing. Brandon Weeden left the game with a head injury. How bad is the injury? We don’t know yet. If Weeden has suffered a concussion what is Shurmur going to do next week? He will be forced to start Colt McCoy. What if Colt McCoy goes into action and out-performs Brandon Weeden just like he did in the preseason? What is Shurmur’s next move? Does he leave McCoy with the starting job? Does Shurmur do what is best to get the Browns wins? Or does he quickly get Weeden back into action so people can’t see how good McCoy is and it was Pat Shumur and his stupid decision to start his 29-year-old rookie that has coasted the Cleveland Browns another losing season?

If Colt McCoy comes into the game and gets a win and makes it look easy, Shurmur is going to look like more of a fool than he already does. Shurmur has some serious soul-searching to do this week. You have to do what is best for the Cleveland Browns. It is going to get very interesting in Browns town…..




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  1. Becky Killion

    Would have been nice to see a pass instead of 3 handoffs and a puny.Shurmur must go.

  2. Denny Dice

    And if “if and buts were candy and nuts we all have a merry Fckin holiday”

    FYI Joe Thomas knew knock Weeden out

    FYI Weeden was fine and he actually try to get back in. They had to hide his helmet so he would not go back in and forced to
    Go to locker room.

    Precautionary measures. Weeden fine and will play next week. Your dream scenario isn’t happening. Larry your a fruit cake.
    Again McCoy done. He sucks. Weeden the future and has 2 wins vs AFC NORTH in his rookie year.
    Name me a Browns Qb that done that their rookie year???

    McCoy zero wins vs NORTH in 21 starts

    Weeden 2 wins vs North in 11 starts

    End of story

    • LG

      All wishful thinking on your part Denny. We will have to wait and see what they determine. Yea your boy did real good 158 yards passing after he was handed 8 turnovers what a big day he had……LOL he sucks denny face the reality he will be a less than average Q.B. at best. His 6.2 average per pass doen’t exactly rank him at the top of the list denny and you hate the dink and dunk offense, that is what your boy weeden is doing…..

      • ABrown

        Well, at least if McCoy starts and Shurmur doesn’t try to sabotage him, we’ll convert on 3rd downs.

        Yesterday, we converted on 3 of 13 for 18% and sank even lower in the league in 3rd down conversions. In 2012 the Browns are now 30th in the league.

        In 2011, the Browns ranked 12th, but when you isolate McCoy’s conversion percentage, he converted 39.7% of the time or roughly 40% of the time and would have ranked 11th in the league last year.

        During Shurmur’s coaching for the Browns, 3 quarterbacks have played for him. Two of those QBs, Wallace and Weeden were about the same in conversions — around 30%. But McCoy managed to rise above awful play calling and convert 25% more often.

        • LG

          I sure hope they go for a win if McCoy plays….

  3. JRO

    So if McCoy comes in and plays well for let’s say the next two games against Oakland and KC… you aren’t going to consider the level of his competition? These are among the worst two teams in the NFL where a semi conscious Weeden could still probably win.

    Weeden faced the Steelers, Ravens, Giants, Cowboys…and McCoy gets the dream job of facing the pathetic Raiders and Chiefs.

    Did Weeden play well enough to win on Sunday, yes. He threw a nice TD and completed a few key passes that led to Richardson’s TD run. And does anyone take Richardson to task for almost fumbling away the game at the end?

    Look, if you want to trash Weeden go ahead and for sure he does deserve some criticism. But to state that if McCoy comes in next week and makes it look easy against the Raiders Shumur is going to look like a fool is the type of biased, unresponsibile journalism I have come to expect from you.

    • LG

      Hey JRO talk about being unresponsibile, did you even watch the Steelers play K.C.? They knocked the crap out of Big Ben then they knocked the heck out of Leftwich too. If McCoy faced the Chiefs which I would be very surprised if he did your little Girl Weeden would probably be glad this is one game he missed. Weeden is afraid to take a hit and McCoy has 10 times the heart Brandon Weeden has….There are no easy games in the NFL…..Just ask the Pittsburgh Steelers….

      • ABrown

        You’re right, LG. Pittsburgh was relieved to get away with a win against KC. That’s a pretty talented team without a good QB or HC. I think they were expected to be better than Cleveland at the beginning of the season.

    • ABrown

      JRO, that “nice YD pass” Weeden threw was for 5 yards when the defense gave him the ball on the Pittsburgh 10 yard line.

      And it’s a good thing because Weeden was failing to convert on 3rd down all day — not many long drives.

  4. stro

    what a stupid fan base. weeden is head and shoulders above mccoy. i say let’s audition mccoy for another team. when he’s traded for a 6th round pick, please follow him.

    it’s no wonder the browns left in the first place – who could stand a bunch of whiney arm chair quarterbacks.

    weeden > mccoy…end of story. get used to it, and pack your bags francis.

  5. ABrown

    Stro, you do realize that Weeden is the lowest rated QB in the NFL on both quarterback rating systems? He’s 32nd in passer rating and 33rd in QBR. He clearly beats McCoy in lowest ranking.

    You may not have noticed, but the offensive line has been giving Weeden 5 to 9 seconds to make a decision and throw the ball when no QB should take more than 4 seconds. Still Weeden stares down his chosen target from before the snap and regularly misses at least 2 open receivers, and has trouble throwing an accurate pass.

    You’ve probably heard differently, but McCoy has thrown and completed more passes of 20 yards or longer than Weeden has — McCoy completed 18 and Weeden has completed 3 less at 15 in the first 11 games for each of them.

    As rookies, McCoy’s Y/A was 7.1 yards. Weeden’s is 6.2. MCoy’s average yards per pass was 11.7 yards, but Weeden’s is only 11.1 yards.

    And you might refer to my post above to compare 3rd down conversions.

    We’re not so stupid that we don’t understand statistics. Can you come up with any measurables to support your assertion?

  6. Bob

    Interesting that the responders criticizing you, LG for your opinion of Weeden to your articles the last two days were no where to be found after the Dallas loss. So where were these responders (majority of McCoy haters) last week? Where were they when Weeden claimed he was not a moron? Where were they when Weeden opened his big mouth about locker room politics last week?

    Yes, a win is a win and that’s terrific especially against the Steelers. But, I am sure if McCoy played against the Steelers and won, all these McCoy haters would claim that the win did not mean much because Big Ben was not there and of all the Steeler fumbles, etc…. . They would also call McCoy out for his bad QBR and passing with his “so called” noodle arm and how he can’t throw more then 10 yards, his 5 yard passes on 3rd down (THAT SHURMER BASICALLY CALLS) etc, etc… . AND I am sure they would put McCoy down in a big way for any interception. I have a question for McCoy haters…. Where is Weeden ranked again among QBs?

    Look at JRO post above. Already putting McCoy down for the possibility of playing against the Raiders & KC and claiming Weeden did well last weekend. What a joke. JRO continues to say, “These are among the worst two teams in the NFL where a semi conscious Weeden could still probably win.” Hey JRO, so if Weeden plays should I come back to this website next week and say, “These are among the worst two teams in the NFL where a semi conscious McCoy could still probably win.”. Hey JRO, Do you also realize that the BROWNS are also among the WORST teams in the NFL right now? So what’s your point?

    I would not be surprised if the next two games are the Browns toughest this year why? Players and coaches are playing for their jobs this time of year. These two games are going to be hard hitting. Weeden is going to feel the pressure more then ever if he plays.

    • LG

      Spot on Bob


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