The Cleveland Browns didn’t have the best draft this year. Many thought the AFC North would be a weakening division after the end of last season. All the other teams in the AFC North, had better drafts than the Cleveland Browns did.

Is this division going to be as tough as it was in years past? Yes, the other teams had a good draft. The AFC North isn’t going to be a push over this season. It will never be a push over. The Browns are hoping that Ray Horton’s revamping of the Browns defense is going to be enough to help the Browns get past the 5 wins they had during the 2012 season.

The addition of free agents Paul Kruger, Desmond Bryant and Quentin Groves should help the Browns bring pressure to the quarterbacks they are going to face during the 2013 season. Then there was the 6th overall pick in the 2013 draft.

Barkevious Mingo looked the part during the Browns mini camp over the weekend. He is in great shape but is a little light to play in the NFL. If he can bulk up a bit and he can still keep up the speed he brings to the Browns from his days at L.S.U., the team’s defense could be a force to deal with in the AFC North.

Then there is the Norv Turner offense. People really don’t know what to fully expect yet. No one has really seen what kind of offense the Browns are going to unleash this season. This is the first time Chudzinski has been a head coach in the NFL and with his friend and mentor Turner calling the plays, the Browns could be a force to deal with.

The AFC North may still be a tough division in the NFL, but the Browns defense should be in better shape to deal with it this season. The secondary could still be the teams weak point but they at least drafted a guy who made an impact in college by picking Leon McFadden out of San Diego state. Lets hope he can get up to NFL speed before the season starts.

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Readers Comments (18)

  1. RICK

    I don’t see the inferior draft part. I believe we did fine in the draft especially since it was a weak draft year.

    • LG

      The inferior part comes from the fact the other 3 AFC north teams all had better drafts this year than the Browns did. That is according to all the experts….But what do they know?

  2. Gene

    Come on, LG. I usually agree with some of the articles you have written, but this a little of stretch. The Steelers and the Ravens are in dire need of drafting well. They are getting reeeeeaaaalllly OLD and they need to find young talent to fill the void of guys like Harrison and Lewis. Modern media always feels like they are model franchise. The Steelers are a media darling and the Ravens are defending Super Bowl champs. Of course the “experts” will say they had good drafts and the Browns missed the boat. But, the fact of the matter is, both teams NEED to draft well. I will reserve judgement on the Browns until I see the product they put on the field. Don’t forget, our second round draft pick already has one year under his belt. If the Browns really tank this year, I will be the first to eat crow. Hell, I’ve been a Browns fan for 35 years, so I know what eating crow is like. I just feel like there is a changing of the guard in the ACF North and the Browns, with their young nucleus of talent could surprise. If not, we have plenty of picks for next year to fill the gaps…..

    • LG

      Gene, the Steelers and the Ravens both picked up some good players in the draft as well as free agency…

      • alexb

        It’s not the steelers and the ravens that i’m worried about in the near future…Jarvis Jones is a big “if”. He could turn out to be the browns next big nightmare or flame out in a year. The ravens didn’t do much except pick up Elvis, which is a big deal to their pass rush but they still have so many holes in the defense. It’s the Bengals who made a major come up. Hunt is going to be a very nice addition to that already stacked d line and Eifert was one of the best picks in the draft. I forget the other guys name but they now have two “elite” TE’s. It’s the one thing which makes me ok with the Mingo pick cause when we play cincy twice a year he’s gonna have to cover those guys. I don’t know who’s going to cover the other guy though…none of our other OLB’s can do it.

  3. Larry

    Who is the writer of the article? What a dush. 1st round Mingo , second round Josh Gorden , third round Leon McFadden an extra 4th& 5th round next year if they want to trade up ,and this writer wants to complain. Time to find another site one that has professional sports writers

    • LG

      The only good pick the Browns had in this years draft was Mingo….Period end of story….

      • bobg

        Everyone knows you cant judge a draft for 2 or 3 years.Negative Nancy at it again.I thought you would have followed Colt to 49ers,or hoping.Such a genius blogger

  4. marty

    the browns do have of draft picks and free agents that will make a difference. We still will be burned in the secondary. I expect no more than five wins. Weedon is not NFL material. He is what he is and nothing more.He doesn’t have it and doesn’t deserve a chance to compete.He had everything going around him except he was a dud.

    • LG

      Marty, do you think Weeden will start or do you think Campbell will start?

    • Greg

      Weeden will struggle again, making Browns fans grown all season long.

      • LG

        Man lets hope they don’t even start the guy. Campbell has a ton more experience and he should be able to beat out Brainless Weeden for the job.

  5. ripper1fl

    cleve will take the division……only team we really have to worry about is cincy

    • LG

      Now that is positive thinking….

  6. marty

    weedon will start, management will try to build his confidence. When game five comes around there will be doubts and a change will be made. The team will try their best to help weedon because he was their qb last year. He doesn’t have the inspiration to be a leader.

    • LG

      Lets hope they get it right from the start and find someone to throw the ball who can both lead and win games….

    • miked

      don’t forget we have thad lewis.he came in and had no practice time with the players and still out performed weeden. he can scramble throw the deep pass.he might just be the the next kapernick.i liked what he did againt the steelers .give him play time and and the same amount of reps as weeden and camble he might just be the starter.and with the pass rush this year will make a dbs better.winning season this year I say 8and 8.go browns

  7. Greg

    I expect that Weeden will struggle again and the Browns will win 4 to 6 games. I see the Browns bundling draft picks to get Teddy Bridgewater in 2014 draft.


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