Brandon Weeden’s term as the Cleveland Browns starting quarterback could be coming to an end. Weeden didn’t have the best season Browns fans were hoping for when the former brain trust of the Browns,used the 22nd pick in the first round to draft the aging quarterback who failed to make a career in major league baseball. Weeden was the worst in the 2012 rookie class among Q.B.s taken. After watching him in the Browns preseason you had the sense the team was going to have problems putting wins on the board.

Watching him in his first NFL start against the Eagles, really had the fans panicking.  He came out of the Philadelphia game with one of the worse quarterback ratings the Cleveland fans have ever seen. The Browns coaching staff refused to make a change and continued to put Weeden out on the field as the Browns starter, even though it was clear they had made a serious mistake drafting the 28-year-old  gunslinger from Oklahoma.

Weeden finished his rookie season ranked 34th in the football outsiders DYAR, (Defense-adjusted Yards Above Replacement), he threw more interceptions than touchdowns and continued to struggle against the pressure of playing in the NFL. Sure the guy made a couple of long pass completions that gave his fans some hope that he was the guy. But he suffered to be a quarterback that could find any consistency. Weeden would have trouble every time the Browns would get into the red zone.

Weeden is now faced with the task of coming into camp this season to compete for the starting quarterback job in Cleveland. He says he welcomes the chance to compete, but we all know that Weeden struggles when he is under pressure. The Browns have a new coaching staff in place for the 2013 season and the Weeden fans are hoping they can get Weeden plays to his true potential.

If he can’t he will be another Cleveland quarterback that falls into the category of not being able to make it in the NFL. Weeden may think his second season in the NFL is going to be easier. Nothing could be further from the truth. By now all the teams in the NFL will have film on him, they will know the pressure gets to him and they will know Weeden doesn’t have the tools to escape a serious pass rush.

If teams bring the pressure to Weeden he will fold. The Browns will have to find a guy that can handle the pressure of playing in the NFL. Weeden may not be the guy. Finishing 34 on a list that only has 32 starters doesn’t speak volumes for Weeden’s abilities.


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  1. RB

    Make the next article: How bad is McCoy?


    • ABrown

      That would be a much harder article to find facts to support.

  2. HEY YA!

    This is coming from a guy who wants Alex Smith after he went 4-12 his first season, having 1 TD and 11 ints. He had 16 TDs and 16 ints in his second year. Oh and by the way lost his starting position to the likes of Shaun Hill and Troy Smith. So let me get this straight, you don’t believe in Weeden but then again you believe in Smith who had an even worse start to his career.

    We all seen how bad Alex Smith was right? Well what happened when they got a new coaching staff in there, it was like Smith was reborn, Harbaugh put a friendly system around him to make him more successful and you seen immediate results. Who is to say this can not happen with Weeden??? you can’t because you wanted Alex Smith and he had an even worse start to his career. LG you know damn well if Alex Smith were here in Cleveland being the #1 overall pick in the draft, you would of been calling for the mans head. He would of been buried all ready. But that’s the problem right there… we dont want to wait for a QB to develop so this revolving door of QB’s is never going to end.

    I think Weeden has a good chance to win a starting job in a new system. I think we all can agree that Shurmar’s pathetic and predictable offense to go along with his pathetic play calling didn’t help Weeden at all. Instead of creating an offense around the talent you have Shurmar forcing a system down the teams throat. To me that is one of the major reasons why Weeden and this offense was bad. No creativity, no audibles, nothing…. it was horrible!

    • LG

      Which guy wants Alex Smith?

      • HEY YA!

        You want Alex Smith LG, You wrote a post about how the Browns need to make a move to get Alex Smith and make it fast… Cant remember your own writtings or what?

        • LG

          I may have written the article about Smith because it is news. Doesn’t reflect my feelings it reflects news…..

    • Bob

      Probably from one of all those “MULTIPLE SOURCES” – lol

  3. positive


    • Bob

      Weeden relative

  4. Anonymous

    Holy shit did you ever take an English class? It is unbelievable that this is published

    • LG

      I am from a different kind of English… It is called Truth and when you people can’t deal with it you pick on the writing.

  5. Horton

    No matter the history of the Browns, it starts next season as a brand new organization. Forget about Holmgren, Schurmur and Weeden. Let the new guys lead with their program and players. Forget about the past picks and decisions. If Weeden works, use him, if he doesn’t, get rid of him.
    I watched all of the games that I could watch last year, Weeden looked bad, When Colt McCoy played he looked better. I’m just a fan, if I can see it, why didn’t they?

    Change is good. I’m happy with the new owner and the staff he’s hired. I think they will make the right QB decision.

    • LG

      Great Comment Horton.

  6. RB

    I looked at the previous year when McCoy was the starter. McCoy was more difficult to watch than Weeden, but that’s just my opinion. I guess we’re gonna see it differently. LG will argue stats as the deciding factor and of course wins. The Browns scored more points per game in Weeden’s rookie season compared to McCoy’s second season in the NFL. It was a step forward, no matter how small the step was. Guess we’ll have to speculate on where McCoy rates but since he’s not a starter I guess you would have to rate him below Weeden.

    Now LG, you keep bringing up Weeden’s failed baseball career. What does it have to do with his football career? Michael Jordan sucked at baseball, but his lack of success in baseball didn’t diminish his accomplishments on the basketball court nor did it make him any less of an athlete either. Weeden deserves a pat on the back for the athletic ability to be drafted in both professional baseball and football.

    I personally believe Weeden will do better under the care of Turner and Chud. Better coaching should decrease the number of batted balls. An offense more suited to his skills should reduce the number of picks. Also, improved coaching of the receivers in regards to going defensive on under-thrown passes should result in fewer picks as well.

    The Browns have more pressing issues than QB in this years draft and free agency. The QB position shouldn’t be seriously addressed until next year if needed. We need to stock up on defense. We gave up over 100 yards per game last year rushing, and we gave up alot of big plays through the air. We are switching from a 4-3 to a 3-4. OLB’s and cover guys are more important than who’s at QB.

    • LG

      What does it have to do with football. The guy can’t perform under pressure that is what. And so what the guy scored more points than McCoy did. It does come down to wins and that is the only thing success in the NFL is measured by, Even the dumb ass ex head coach Shurmur knew it comes down to wins. Weeden and the Browns offense should have scored more points last year. They had guys playing receiver who were there for a while too. They had tight ends that were there for a while and they had a running back that wasn’t crying about where is my money. The Weeden rookie season was pathetic.

  7. KC

    RB, why bring up McCoy stats, we are talking about Weeden. I believe McCoy is going to be up for a trade so the Brown fans and Weeden people do not have to fear McCoy so let’s just drop the McCoy debate; we had enough of that last year. Every Brown fan wants a winning team next year. Let them bring in another QB. I do not believe Weeden is a very good starting QB. Let them compete for the starting job. I do believe that Weeden will have a tough time competing for his job as last year it was given to him. As stated he does not perform well under pressure, and he still lacks the leadership skills every QB has to have. Let’s just let the coaching staff take charge and decide which players will produce the winning team we are all so anxious to see next year.

    • Bob

      Good post KC!!

      You are right KC. McCoy was not even mentioned in LG’s article, it was about WEEDEN as KC pointed out.

      So RB – want to compare McCoy to Weeden, I’ll bite…. RB says, “McCoy was more difficult to watch than Weeden, but that’s just my opinion.” So Colt wins against the Patriots & Saints in his first year and it magically does not count for Weeeden fans. Interesting. So Weeden fans do you think Weeden beating the worst of the worst Chiefs & Raiders meant more then Colt winning against Patriots & Saints when those teams were recent Super Bowl Champs at the time?

      • ABrown

        Bob, some Browns fans are truly amazing. Why didn’t they enjoy seeing McCoy lead the team to wins over great teams?

        The only thing I can figure is it happens so rarely that some fans suffer symptoms of a heart attack because of the shock.

        Barely beating the two worst teams in the league this year and barely holding on to a defensive win against Batch and the Steelers were much more typical of the Browns few wins — therefore, those games fit the comfort zone for win-starved Browns fans.

        Regardless, one thing is clear. The fans that hate on McCoy certainly didn’t watch or really see the games he played in.

        I just saw another collection of McCoy to Little passes in 2011 — more evidence of McCoy’s arm strength and Little’s talent with the right QB.

  8. PO

    Trade McCoy? Please. I wish I could go to Vegas and place a bet on whether an NFL team would trade ANYTHING for Colt McCoy. It won’t happen. He may play for another team, but he will be released by CLE.

    • ABrown

      Hey, PO, I’m watching NFL AM this morning and just heard a discussion of how little the Jetts would get for a great player like Darrelle Revis, if they try to trade him.

      Coming back after not playing all of last year, Reavis would probably get them no more than a 6th round pick.

      How much do you think anyone would give the Browns for Weeden after his poor rookie season? That would be like trying to find a buyer for Clausen or Gabbert.

  9. RB

    KC,A couple of articles back, LG did bring up McCoy. His infamous reporter source who talked to Haslam at the Superbowl said Weeden was out and McCoy was in the Browns plans for 2013. So in LG’s mind, McCoy is relevant.

    Guess what, chances are the Browns will NOT have a winning season next year. They weren’t expected to have a winning season this year. They finished in a better spot than most experts, other than LG, expected them to finish.

    Weeden very well may not be the starter. I really don’t care. There is more upside to Weeden in McCoy, imho. The coaching staff will determine who is best. If someone else comes in wins the job, they will have my support.

    LG, correct me if I wrong or even correct me if I’m right, but I believe Weeden dropped out of baseball because of shoulder problems. Your choice to spin it as another example of him not being able to make in professional baseball as cracking under pressure is just typical of your articles.

    Depending on which rumor you choose to believe, Weeden and or McCoy could both be gone. I don’t really care. I will support whoever the coaching staff decides to go with.

    LG, suggesting the Browns should go out and get Smith is not the news. It would fall more under editorial. The part of your article on the Browns releasing Frostee (even though you forgot to mention the fact on who was released) and doing nothing to date with Cribbs and Dawson would be news. See the difference?

    Horton, good comments even though I remember McCoy’s performance differently than you. I do trust the Browns will do what they feel best in all positions, not just quarterback, in order to give the team the best chance to win.

    LG, let me ask you this. Hypothetically, if after the QB competition, Weeden is chosen to be the starting QB, will you give him the benefit of the doubt at the start of the new season or will it be pretty much the same Weeden bashing from day one similar to what you wrote last year?

    Anyway, everyone have a great day. Enjoy the temporary warmup. I’m off to the pistol range to continue an evaluation of my new gun.

    • LG

      RB, lets be real, if Weeden was winning football games I would be all for him. The real problem is Weeden couldn’t win football games. He had more talent than McCoy had so lets see what happens in 2013….

      • Bob

        RB writes, “Your choice to spin it as another example of him not being able to make in professional baseball as cracking under pressure is just typical of your articles.”

        LG – Interesting that you are being accused of spinning when scouts NOT YOU were the ones that said Weeden cracks under pressure. All you did was just confirmed it when you SAW it like the rest of it that Weeden cracks under pressure.

        • LG

          Some people just want to continue to make excuses for Weeden. They don’t look at all the negatives the scouts pointed out and they don’t want to remember how bad Weeden played in the senior bowl either.

  10. blackflag

    we can compare QB’s all we want. mccoy…no one can say with a straight face that he got a chance to compete for the starting job after significant upgrades had been made to the OL, WR and RB positions. smith…yep, he had horrible 1st seasons which many blame on coaching. good thing about smith, he’s got experience and is young. which brings us to weeden…can he improve? absolutely. will he? i don’t know. the problem? he will turn 30 in september this year.. my 2 cents: stick with the qb’s you have and focus on other skill positions. let mccoy and weeden compete. actually compete.

  11. ABrown

    The current excuse for Weeden’s bad year was that the offense didn’t match his talents, that he’ll do better in an offense that has him throwing downfield.

    He’d probably be the last qb anyone would want throwing downfield. According to ESPN he only completed 21% of his passes over 20 yards. That is horrible, and any NFL QB is going to be able to complete 40 to 50% of those long balls, as McCoy did.

    Weeden was best at completing passes behind the line of scrimmage and next best as passes shorter than 10 yards — the essence of dink and dunk.

    He also couldn’t read defenses or look at all his receivers and find the open guy. He couldn’t throw the out routes to the sidelines or the crucial fade routes so crucial to scoring in the red zone.

    He was also terrible on 3rd downs and dropped the Browns to 30th in the league after McCoy led us to rank 12th in 2011. No matter how bad the team was, McCoy always improved the 3rd down conversions, even as a rookie, and if the team had been ranked on only the games with McCoy as QB, we would have been 10th in the NFL.

    You can see this same dramatic difference in 3rd down efficiency when Wilson started in Seattle and Manning started in Denver. Weeden had the same impact on the Browns as Kyle Orton did in Denver and Tavaris Jackson in Seattle.

    And Weeden in 2012 faced one of the easiest schedules in Browns history — comparable to the 2007 schedule when Anderson, at least, won twice as many games. The teams McCoy faced in 2010 and 2011 were two of the most difficult schedules in Browns history — in the top 10 and top 20 — compared to Weeden’s competition ranking in the bottom 20 out of 64 years.

    Finally, by the end of the season, Weeden was still telling broadcasters that he hadn’t learned the play book and his wife had started making flash cards to try to help him. He started the year complaining that the play book was too hard, and he failed to learn it even by the end of the year.

    There is no offense in the NFL that can effectively showcase the alleged talents of a quarterback who can’t or won’t even learn the play book.

    How bad a QB is Brandon Weeden? So bad it’s hard to imagine anyone doing any worse.

    • LG

      Weeden is even going to have more problems in his second year. He has to learn a new offense. We all know what kind of problems he had learning the last one….

  12. ABrown

    He’s not only going to have trouble learning the new play book, but this year no ones going to simplify the offense to hide how bad he is.

    He’s going to be expected to be a real QB who can make all the throws, instantly read defenses, change plays at the line of scrimmage, look at all the receivers and find the open man quickly, and still stumble out from under center because Chud and Turner had Newton and Rivers doing that all the time on 1st and 2nd down.

    And without all those passes behind the line of scrimmage, his completion percentage will go way down. 21% stretching the field? no way the current coaches can afford to leave him in the game and pile up losses.

    • RICK

      I guess we will all find out soon enough. This subject always brings out the controversy.Tough decisions for the coaching staff.

  13. Peter Lemonjello

    Here is the scenario. Alex smith from 49′ers will be traded for Tom Brady from the Patriots. in the meantime, Kappernick will seat out while he watch and learn from Brady for 4 games in 2013. Then Tim Tebow will be traded for Brady. If it doesn’t work out, Brady will be traded for Weeden and he will be the QB for the Jaguars.

    • ABrown

      Brady traded for Weeden? That’s a good one. We need to laugh during the off season.


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