The Cleveland Browns continue to disappoint their fans by starting Brandon Weeden one of the worse quarterbacks in the NFL. Weeden is ranked at 33rd in ESPN's total quarterback ranking. He continues to make the same rookie mistakes you would expect from a guy whose football I.Q. is less than acceptable to play in the NFL.

The Browns have the talent on the team to contend in the NFC North this season, yet the team is willing to throw that all away by continuing to disappoint their fans by starting Brandon Weeden.

Weeden doesn't do much well. He can't read a defense, he can't run, he can't avoid the sack and he can't be counted on when the team needs to launch a game winning drive. Fans deserve better, some are saying the team needs to cut the ticket price for home games when Weeden is starting.

Some fans are saying they can't even watch Weeden drop back in the pocket without getting sick to their stomachs. Yet, the head coach and the offensive coordinator continue to make excuses for Mr. Weeden.

The fans watch as other NFL team's bring in new quarterbacks to give them a chance to win, yet the Cleveland Browns are willing to throw another season down the tubes to continue to play a quarterback that has no business in the NFL.

Brandon Weeden doesn't have the football intellect to play in the NFL. He is nothing more than a school yard quarterback who had one lucky season in college. The fans are sick and tired of watching a guy who can't play quarterback in the NFL.

It doesn't matter what the fans think, their complaints are falling on deaf ears. The rookie head coach has his hands tied by the Cleveland Browns CEO Joe Banner who would rather play Weeden and lose games than to pay the back up Campbell any bonus money he is entitled to earn for playing time.

The Browns will be lucky to win 6 games this season with Weeden playing QB. Get used to the losses because that is what we are going to get with Brandon Weeden playing quarterback for the Cleveland Browns.


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