The Cleveland Browns continue to disappoint their fans by starting Brandon Weeden one of the worse quarterbacks in the NFL. Weeden is ranked at 33rd in ESPN’s total quarterback ranking. He continues to make the same rookie mistakes you would expect from a guy whose football I.Q. is less than acceptable to play in the NFL.

The Browns have the talent on the team to contend in the NFC North this season, yet the team is willing to throw that all away by continuing to disappoint their fans by starting Brandon Weeden.

Weeden doesn’t do much well. He can’t read a defense, he can’t run, he can’t avoid the sack and he can’t be counted on when the team needs to launch a game winning drive. Fans deserve better, some are saying the team needs to cut the ticket price for home games when Weeden is starting.

Some fans are saying they can’t even watch Weeden drop back in the pocket without getting sick to their stomachs. Yet, the head coach and the offensive coordinator continue to make excuses for Mr. Weeden.

The fans watch as other NFL team’s bring in new quarterbacks to give them a chance to win, yet the Cleveland Browns are willing to throw another season down the tubes to continue to play a quarterback that has no business in the NFL.

Brandon Weeden doesn’t have the football intellect to play in the NFL. He is nothing more than a school yard quarterback who had one lucky season in college. The fans are sick and tired of watching a guy who can’t play quarterback in the NFL.

It doesn’t matter what the fans think, their complaints are falling on deaf ears. The rookie head coach has his hands tied by the Cleveland Browns CEO Joe Banner who would rather play Weeden and lose games than to pay the back up Campbell any bonus money he is entitled to earn for playing time.

The Browns will be lucky to win 6 games this season with Weeden playing QB. Get used to the losses because that is what we are going to get with Brandon Weeden playing quarterback for the Cleveland Browns.


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  1. marty

    LG,No one can block out what is going on with weedon. The team is saying they are behind weedon. It’s human nature they are not happy.Weedon is cancer to the team success. Green Bay is hurting offensive and defensive. It will be a close game. If the browns win it won’t be because of weedon. Remember, Weedon is on Green Bay side.

    • LG

      Ii think he is going to suck in Green Bay

  2. Luke49

    If your Weeden fetish requires you to continue to beat that horse, then at least get your facts straight. If you were half the authority you think you are on Weeden you would know that he wasn’t just a one year wonder as you say. Granted he was just on the Heisman watch list one season, but he played lights out for three seasons at OK State. His college stats aren’t that hard to find. They were the best passing records in the Big 12 during the time RG3, and the kid in Miami played.. OK State beat Standford and Andrew Luck in a BCS bowl game with Weeden at the helm. Try to at least get the facts straight and don’t let your hatred cloud the facts. Does LG stand for Lying Goon.

    • LG

      Maybe you should get your facts straight too. He only started 2 years at OSU. He could not beat out the guy who can’t even get a starting job in the NFL. He completed one freaking pass in 2008 and only 15 the next year.

      • Luke49

        You absolutely don’t know what you are talking about. He made a living throwing to Dez Bryant who came out and went to the Dallas Cowboys the year before Weeden did. His last year he had another stand out receiver. to throw to. You have Josh Cooper right there ask him, he was on the same squad. He probably completed 15 passes against Stanford alone . As far as I am concerned I am thru reading anything you have to say if you are going to play that fast and loose with the truth.

        • LG

          He sucked his 1st 2 years there

          • Luke49

            IN Weedens last year (2011) he completed 408 passes for 4,727 yards. In 2010 he was 1ST team all Big 12. In his last game (2012 Tostitos Bowl VS Stanford) He completed 29 passes for 399 yards. If you want to check my facts look up Brandon Weeden on Wikipedia for his college career. Get it right or don’t put it out there. Those numbers are the reason the Browns drafted him. He hasn’t produced quite as well in the NFL YET!

          • LG

            That’s what I said he is a one year wonder….

          • Cbfn1

            What, are you a 2 year old?

          • LG

            No 12 why u ask?

  3. tigersbrowns2

    LG LG LG … give it a rest … you are painfully predictable & one-dimensional.

    your journalistic talents should be able to stand on their own if you could write on ALL THINGS browns … not just weeden.

    i’m pretty sure everyone got the jist over a year ago that you hate weeden … time to move on & prove your metal.

    • LG

      You must have missed the defensive article from today TB2

  4. Jeremy

    You say that the Browns will be lucky to win 6 games with Weeden at the helm.. 6 more? :) And how many wins did you predict at the start of the season? Is this some sort of surprise? Hoyer comes in and plays well against a terrible Minn. team, which I had us winning at the start of he season, and does okay against the Bengals (D won that game) And now the sky is falling because we are looking at 6-7 wins this year… I always aim for mediocre, but I’ll take sub-mediocre…

    • LG

      I said 6 at the start of the season. How-Ever I would think we could have done much better had Hoyer not been hurt

      • David

        I hate to say this LG, but I have my doubts as to even 6 wins this year, especially if Weedens flaws continue without fail. We’ll be lucky to get 4 wins if this keeps up. The one win I predict might be against Jacksonville. If Hoyer was healthy, we could have possibly gone 7-9, 8-8, or (might be stretching it a bit) 9-7. Not outside the realm of possibility to have a division record of 5-1 or 4-2(again if Hoyer was healthy). Now with Weeden, I just can’t see us being better than 1-5 or 2-4 in AFC North. Especially if his flaws continue.

        • LG

          David, if they continue to put pressure on Weeden, he will continue to expose his flaws. He cracks under pressure….

  5. AL

    Ya Weeden should be able to get things together possibly in about 5 years or so ya !

  6. Bobby D


    Please stop the insanity. Can you please write about soemthing anything else?

    You harp on the fact that Weeden locks on to his recievers. Guess what you lock on to Weeden worse.

    Did you know that Weeden actually had a good streak of pass attempts without an interception until this past week. He had the second longest active streak. He is way better than your golden boy McCoy. He won’t be around next year we know, he knows, you know everyone knows.

    As you harp on his BS ESPN TQR rating, in reality he is better than Carson Palmer, Schaub, Who ever the Bills have at QB, Rams Bradford, and a few more starting QBs. Heck he has more wins than Eli and just as many as Big Ben and you claim its all about the wins.

    His TQR is very low but it is not as low as your FLR. Fan Likeability Rating.

    Move on to another subject other than Weeden, its fine to critique after a game as you break it down but you have a damn crusade going.

    • LG

      Weeden doesn’t have more wins than Big Ben, 2 of the Browns wins are attributed to Hoyer Bobby D. BTW where that new house you were building in Eastlake? And yes I knew he had 99 attempts without the pick. Too bad they’re not all completions…

      • Bobby D

        It’s on lakeshore

        • LG

          South side right?

          • Bobby D

            No north side of lakeshore near vine

          • LG

            Man you close to me I am on 331st off lakeshore

    • Brandon L

      Thanks to the fans that actually know what their talking about instead of constantly bashing our QB. This LG guy definately aint a Browns fan. He seems like a hater and a moron

      • LG

        You think so? Keep supporting garbage football and things will never change.

        • Anonymous

          He is really a closet Steelers fan and not a Browns fan at all. That is why he bashes the Browns so much.

          • LG

            Hey you come and search my closet anytime you want, you aren’t going to find anything to do with the steelers in there but you will find plenty of Browns stuff…

          • Anonymous

            Steeler wannabe

    • longhaul

      dam anybody that sasys weeden is better than other nfl qb s should go straight to the doctor and get a brain scan (bobby d. ) he is beyond pathetic. the only streak he has ever had is called INTERCEPTIONS

  7. Old Goat

    Webedone is the best QB that the Browns can do? I think not. Why is the browns throwing away the rest of the season. If Campbell not going to play why is taking up a spot on the roster?

  8. Joe

    Thats twice now that LG wont allow my comments. Whats up LG, you afraid someone might read the truth?

    • LG

      What the hell you talking about Joe?

  9. marty

    The fans that criticize LG about bashing Weedon. He’s right.He hopes as well as many others that someone will wake up and get rid of weedon.LG had said numerious times that the Browns improved in areas. Have the Browns improve at QB? Hoyer didn’t play that much to get a full analysis.What he did do is kept the game interesting and showed some promise. What game, name one game that weedon showed interesting. One game name that he made a difference.Weedon wouldn’t make a pimple on Colt McCoy’s ass.He made a big difference in a game.Look at what he had around him.He had the worst offensive line in the NFL. To be honest, they were devastated by injuries.LG does complain, so do I.It has been a very long time since we had a team that was feared.Promote change,show us a team that can compete.
    The negativity will stop when the Browns become respectable.

    • LG

      You’re damn right Marty. No one fears the Browns, the Green bay packer have to be laughing thinking about Weeden coming up there and the Pittsburgh Steelers said they were glad Weeden was playing because they feel confident they can beat the Browns with Weeden playing. The team has been a joke long enough. People think being a fan means you have to kiss the teams ass even when they suck. Not the case at all, they fans should have bailed on this team 5 years ago. I’ll tell ya right not had they done that we would have a winner, but why spend the money on quality players when people will support garbage? The owners are making 3 times the amount they would have if they were to hire good talent and the games are still a sell out. SMH

  10. Jim Kirk

    Probably will suck in Green Bay .
    Coach Chud says He plays in ” spurts “.

    Trent was known as a ” squirter ” , hit the line , squirt through it !

    What next Browns Nation ?

    The ” spitter? ”
    Gagger … choker …

    • David

      I’d have to say this is very appropriate. No disrespect to Coach Chud, but in order to be a serious NFL caliber team one needs to play well more than just “in spurts”. You need to play well in all 4 Quarters like Hoyer did in his 2 complete games.

  11. jjirka

    I don’t know about all the stats, but I do know what good and bad football looks like. You are absolutely right as far as Weeden sucking. I can’t figure out why all these people keep defending him. A whole year should show improvement. I had hope after the Cincy game when Hoyer proved he wasn’t a fluke. The team had a transformation and looked like a true contender. When he went down, I knew the season was over and Weeden is the reason plain and simple. I’m waiting for next year because the rest of this year is going to be painful. I’ll bet Only the worst teams will take Weeden as a back up when we cut him next year.
    Go Browns!

    • LG

      I’d be surprised if anyone would take Weeden…..

  12. Big Duke

    My Top 3 WORST MOST PATHETIC Browns QB’s of All Time. Rankings are according to Suckness:

    (1) Brandon Weeden
    (2) Tim Couch
    (3) Paul McDonald

  13. Big Duke

    Attention All Browns Fans!!!

    A company called Fantex Brokerage Services is going to offer stock in Adrian Foster for their initial public offering. The intent is so people can invest in their favorite pro athletes.

    I’m really looking forward to the Brandon Weeden IPO!! In fact, when the IPO takes place and Weeden shares get priced at $1.25/share, I plan to buy 1 share and use it as target practice next time I’m on the range.

  14. JohnnyV

    Non topic – he wont be here next year. Why beat a dead horse?

  15. marty

    LG, Well the weedon fans had been showed that weedon is a bust.Where are they now! The officiating was terrible as usual. There was a fact that was put on tv during the third quarter.Weedon has been sacked once every 8 1/2 plays. Hoyle was sacked once every 16 plays. LG, how did you miss that.The fact still remains we are still stuck with weedon.The season is over, bring in the back-up. It makes common sense that weedon will not be back next year.Wait! My mistake, any thing is possible to embarass this team.

    • LG

      Pathetic that is what describes Cleveland Browns football.


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