Mike Holmgren sucksTeam President Mike Holmgren forced his general manager Tom Heckert to draft Brandon Weeden with Browns 22nd pick in the 2012 NFL draft. People close who are in the know, state that Heckert didn't feel comfortable taking Brandon Weeden at 22, Heckert was quoted as saying he would only do it if Holmgren forced his hand, that is what reportedly took place. Maybe Holmgren was leaving a guy like Russell Wilson on the table so his buddies in Seattle could get their hands on him. Wilson already has 2 wins in the NFL and he has beaten the Dallas Cowboys and the Green Bay packers. What do the Cleveland Browns have?

We have Brandon Weeden who talks a good game then goes out on the field and plays terrible, Weeden hasn't won a game in the NFL yet. All the other quarterbacks who were drafted in the first round of the NFL draft have wins, and some of the teams they won with were worse than the Browns last season. Just think if Holmgren would have kept hsi mouth shut and let Tom Heckert do what he wanted to do in the NFL draft the Cleveland Browns may have been able to take some guys in the draft that could have actually improve the Browns football team.

Russell Wilson was Drafted with the 12th pick in the third round (75th overall) of the 2012 NFL Draft. He already has 2 wins in the NFL and this guy doesn't make the stupid mistakes we see the more mature Brandon Weeden make. Wilson has played in three games for his Seahawks and thrown one interception. Brandon Weeden has thrown more interceptions than he has touchdowns. He hasn't won a game for the Cleveland Browns yet and this Thursday night he is going to face the best team in the division.

Why the Browns would take Weeden with the 22nd pick in the draft after he stunk up the senior bowl and all the scouts dropped him to a fifth of 6th round pick is anyone's guess. It could be team President Mike Holmgren wanted to leave Wilson on the table for his beloved Seattle Seahawks. If you look at Weeden and compare him the Wilson it is very clear to see who the better athlete is.

The Browns got a washed up M.L.B. pitcher named Brandon Weeden who may not have the mental capacity  to compete on the NFL level. When he played for his OSU college team he had a host of receivers that made him look good. Weeden was able to throw the ball up it the air and one of those star receiver could go up and get his errant throws.

Yes I think Mike Holmgren did screw the pooch on this pick, he made a terrible call and now it is costing the Cleveland Browns wins. It will be good once Haslam takes over the Browns and sends this money grabbing freeloader Mike Holmgren out of Cleveland. Let him go back to Seattle and spend time on his area radio stations like he wants to, he certainly didn't want to see the Cleveland Browns do anything other than pay him his 8 million dollars a year. For What?

The Browns had much greater needs in the NFL draft besides a quarterback, a guy like Mike Holmgren and all of his supposed football knowledge should have been able to recognize that. The Browns offensive line sucks and the defense can't stop the run for the second year in a row. The Browns could have taken players to improve those areas long before taking a quarterback, you can see with the Wilson pick there would have been quality quarterbacks later in the draft. Instead of wasting the 22nd pick on Weeden....

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