The Cleveland Browns have said Colt McCoy is the guy they are going to have lead the team this season. There has been all kinds of speculation about the Browns taking a Q.B. in the up-coming NFL draft. The fans in Cleveland thought RGIII was going to be the answer, that was before the Redskins traded their future away to acquire the number two overall pick in the draft from the Rams. Colt McCoy is a winner, Kip Watson who makes a living assessing athletes as to how they can perform under the pressures of the NFL explains Colt McCoy has the right brain code to compete and be a winner in the NFL. Although Watson from Neurosport didn’t have the chance to meet with McCoy one on one she goes on to explain McCoy has a similar brain code to many other top performing NFL quarterbacks that are still active in the NFL today.

Neurosport is Serious science –that gives teams real results. Watson has become an expert at figuring out the tough questions and then providing answers like, How’s your mental game? They look at things like The Coaching Connection, and a whole array of other things when they provide a NFL player or his agent an assessment. We had the pleasure of hosting Kip Watson on the Cleveland Sports 360 show and we asked her her opinion concerning Colt McCoy’s ability to win in the NFL.   As I said before Watson didn’t sit down with McCoy one on one, she did reveal her opinion and it could be the same as Browns team president’s Mike Holmgren. They know Colt McCoy can win. Have a look at the video and listen carefully as Kip Watson explains a little bit about the science behind brain codes and why she thinks Colt McCoy can win in the NFL. Mike Holmgren is not an idiot he wants to win just as bad as everyone else, you can bank on that.

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  1. Jim Brown

    Mike Holmgren claims that Colt McCoy is his guy, I believe him as much
    as people believed John Elway when he stated, matter of factly, that Tim
    Tebow was his guy and he was going to stick with him…lol. Colt
    McCoy is what the Cleveland Browns are stuck with, until the Browns
    management is able to get an NFL caliber quarterback for their team.
    What do you get when you put the best NFL line and the best receiving
    corps together with Colt McCoy, that’s easy…a losing NFL football
    team. It’s not rocket science, and no matter what spin Mike Holmgren
    puts on it, when he tells himself the truth, he knows that currently the
    Cleveland Browns don’t have a single NFL caliber quarterback on their
    team and he knows it.

    To give you a perspective here, Tim Tebow is a 5 times better NFL
    caliber quarterback than any quarterback currently on the Cleveland
    Browns roster!!!! That fact is pretty sad when you sit down and think
    about it, and it clearly shows how bad the Cleveland management has done
    the past several years!


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