The Cleveland Browns President Mike Homgren held a press conference today and got the Peyton Hillis negotiations with the Cleveland Browns out in the open quickly. Homgren said we’re not going to talk about the contract negotiation per say publicly, Holmgren has a point. He certainly knows how to have a press conference and it has been a while since he has had one, that’s for sure.  Homgren did go on to say; Peyton along with a couple other fellow’s in the league who had very productive years last year and are in the last year of their contract and have not signed extensions, I think you know this already, we tried to sign an extension. There was a difference of opinion as is the case, those who have been around this business for a long time, it happens and so there we were.

Holmgren also went on to say; Now, what has to happen is you have to have a great year to reach these goals, it’s to your benefit, it’s to the clubs benefit and there we are.  Unfortunately, the added drama of the sickness and injuries and all that other stuff and really I’m serious about this, a lot of things have been written and said that are so far from the truth and it really presents road blocks for the development of our team.  I’m not placing blame here, I’m just saying that it’s kind of the nature of the beast at times.  Peyton was sick in that first game and couldn’t play, okay.

When Holmgren was asked if Hillis had a future with the Browns he said; “With the trading deadline I saw, the trading deadline is another interesting thing.  You get all sorts of names floating around at the trading deadline.  There’s no way I’m trading Peyton Hillis.  There’s just no way that was ever going to happen.  Why would I do that?  Why would I trade one of our best players?  I wouldn’t do it.  Now, because of the nature of these types of negotiations and if Peyton has a good year he’ll have opportunities now because you enter into free agency, legitimate free agency.  Are we going to be a player in there to try and keep him here?  Absolutely, I told him that yesterday.”

Holmgren also said if there were grumblings in the locker room and if he found out who it was they wouldn’t be part of the Browns organization very long. That should quite someone I would think.  Holmgrens comments on Colt McCoy; The quarterback, you have to find the quarterback that can get you there, that’s as big as anything.  Colt this year, he’s still a pup and he’s out there playing, getting banged around and playing pretty well actually.  Then at times he’s playing kind of young too. He will play this season and lord willing he stays healthy and at the end of the year we’ll look back and evaluate that and he knows that, we know that and I think what he does and how he performs will speak for itself. That’s an important part of success.

Holmgren said he built teams in Green Bay and Seattle. He got them both to the superbowl. How long does it take. It all depends on the drafts. Holmgren seems committed to getting the Cleveland Browns to a point the fans will be proud of. He has all the faith in the world in Heckert’s ability to have good drafts. Does this help the Browns right now? Probably not. But it will come…..

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