McCoy not traded The 2012 N.F.L. Trade deadline has passed and the man who the Browns blamed for all their problems in 2011 is still a member of the Cleveland Browns. There were lots of people who said McCoy would be traded by the Browns, how stupid is that statement? The Browns know better than to trade Colt McCoy, they would be left without a viable back-up quarterback that give the Browns a shot at winning football games.  The fans have been brain-washed by Pat Shurmur’s attempt to place all the blame for his terrible rookie season as a head coach of the Cleveland Browns. Rather than take the blame for his on lack of abilities to use any imagination as a head coach, Shurmur made a quarterback switch so it would look as though all the Browns problems were because they didn’t have a good quarterback.

These same fans fell for the bait and switch and have come to hate McCoy. They say McCoy plays a dink and dunk offense and that is all he is good for, they say McCoy doesn’t have the arm strength to complete long passes in the NFL. These people don’t recall the Injury McCoy suffered in the BCS bowl that damaged McCoy’s throwing arm. Well guess what people, the Cleveland Browns aren’t exactly ripping it up this season either.  They have a new quarterback who has a 1/2 yard longer passing average than McCoy had in 2011 and fewer wins so far in the 2012 season.

The problem’s with the Cleveland Browns in 2011 weren’t because of Colt McCoy. The play calling which still stinks in 2012 was done by Shurmur in 2011 and he still has no imagination. Sure the Browns completed a few long passes this season. The entire receiving core of the Browns looks a bit different this season. The only thing that really resembles the 2011 Cleveland Browns is the win-loss record. The Browns know better than to trade Colt McCoy. The guy knows the offense and the Browns know McCoy would play his butt off for the team even after the Cleveland Browns gave McCoy the shaft in 2012.

McCoy out-played the current starting quarterback in the preseason and he still got the shaft and the Cleveland fans who hate Colt McCoy are getting the shaft each Sunday the Browns lose football games. Yes sir the Browns are keeping Colt McCoy and there is a good reason they did. Rest assured if the Cleveland Browns didn’t think Colt McCoy gave the team a chance to win football games he would have been gone. That is not the case.  The Browns management know that and they keep him on the team for that reason….

One thing is for sure. People think we at Cleveland Sports 360 don’t like the Browns current Q.B.. I assure you that is not the case. What we don’t care for is the Browns not putting the best players on the field. Does that mean we don’t think the Browns new Q.B. is a good player? No not the case. We didn’t think he was ready to start in the NFL and we do think McCoy would give the Browns the better chance to win. We are left watching the team go through another losing season and we are sick and tired of losing football games. It would be nice to at the very least play a .500 season. No Matter who was throwing the football…..Chalk another one up to the Browns management….

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  1. Dana

    We live in different circles. I have yet to personally meet anyone that hates McCoy. Everyone I have spoken with has tremendous respect for him. Since day one, he has done everything right. Does this mean he is the best QB for the Browns? I honestly don’t know. I don’t think anyone can tell the future. He may replace Weeden and lead the Browns to a winning season for a change or he may never start another game in the NFL. I do know he is an asset to the team and it looks like the Browns management that you obviously blame for all the Browns problems feel the same way.I’m pretty sure I have read that our new owner followed Colts career for quite some time. I would think he had a little say in the matter also. I used to joke around and say if Cribbs could go into the wildcat and throw the ball, make a couple blocks, run the route and catch the ball all on the same snap we would be in good shape. It’s more stupid than funny, but it also showed we didn’t have much on the team worth bragging about. The only thing we have consistantly had is a great special teams returner with Cribbs and of course Dawson. I don’t mean any disrespect for the rest of the players, but outside an exceptionally talented QB and WR, the rest of the team really relies on one another to be effective. Weeden or McCoy may become exceptional QB’s or perhaps exceptional WR’s make other QB’s looks better. Either we don’t have all of the talent needed to pull everything together or we do have it, but it’s still developing and in time will get the job done. That is the hope that all Cleveland fans have.

    A year or so from now I will be sitting in this same chair supporting everyone on the team from the comfort of my own home. If it’s Weeden, McCoy or the next great QB we draft it won’t make a differance. I do know if it’s Weeden and we are winning games you will be taking all the credit and you will base his improvement on your articles attacking him giving him the motivation to be better. We live in different circle.

    • LG

      Dana, My articles have no bearing on Weeden. I just report the truth and right now Weeden is 2-6 with the Browns. As far as management goes what happens with the team is all the decision making that management does. One of the worst decisions they ever made was to hire a no talented head coach because his uncle was an old family friend of Mike Holmgren. The Browns former team president robbed the Cleveland Browns from a chance to hire someone who would motivate the players on the team. Most of the Browns problems come from a head coach who doesn’t have what it takes to use the talent he has on his team properly. That includes Brandon Weeden, Shurmur should have turned the offense around to play to Weeden’s strengths. Not his stupid play calling and to have Weeden play from under center when he can’t move out of his own way was even worse. The Cleveland Browns have some very talented players and once Shurmur is gone we will see the team shine…

  2. longhaul

    very well said i agree totally. shurmur never has liked mccoy and last seasons record is getting thrown on mccoy. and look we have shurmurs pick at qb this year and still the same results. dont take much to figure this picture out. 2 qbs 2 years same results. why is this numb nut lame duck goofball shurmur still her.

  3. tigersbrowns2

    hi LG … is it because nobody else wants mccoy or that the browns won’t
    trade him ?? i think we all know you don’t hate weeden & you think mccoy
    should be the guy … but , let’s talk after the ravens game.

    have a good one …

    • LG

      I think people would want McCoy, I don;t think the Browns ever planned on trading him. If they did he would have been gone….

  4. muttklingon

    maybe Pat shurmur should play Colt McCoy as Q.B. ?.

    • LG

      Only if his boy Weeden would suffer an injury would we see that…

  5. tigersbrowns2

    in regards to browns management , do you think mr. haslam has already made-up his mind about shurmur ?? is it possible shurmur is currently auditioning to possibly be saving his job & remain with the browns ??

    i know 99% (if not all) of browns fans wanna see shurmur gone. remember when holmgren took over & mangini went on a winning streak near the end of the season & all the players had his back ?? could it happen again ??

    i’m not backing shurmur , but how do we know how good he can really be? he started with a team void of talent … i remember we didn’t think belichick was all that great either when he was here.

    • LG

      tigersbrowns2 Funny you should say that. A while back I wrote an interesting article about this…Here is a link you can have a look….. Now that I have seen Shurmur for as long as I have, I can say he is never going to be a Bill Belichick. Shurmur is an Idiot. He was a loser as an O.C. and he is a loser as Head Coach too. Why would anyone in their right mind hire a guy who went 1-15 as an O.C. and 7-9 as an O.C. and give him the head coaching job. Hell you and I have just as good of a chance of coaching this team to a win as he does….

  6. rts

    Please stop writing about Colt McCoy. You and female browns fans are the only people who want to see him on the field.

  7. Brad

    LG….Do you not find it interesting that you are constantly defending yourself on here?….It would not matter if McCoy or Weeden were in at QB. Ya see, you actually did have it right. It’s Shurmur, and that very fat and Happy Prez they got rid of. Let’s not point the blame at either of these QB’s. Or who you think out-played who in Pre-season. I too sat and watched the 2011 season and watched McCoy run for his freaking life on just about every play. And if he was an “outstanding” athlete, he would of weathered the storm. Instead, he was replaced by a more poised “pocket” passer who has a lot to learn. I have to admit I was not on the Weeden band wagon at all. I actually was pissed and felt the same way you did. However, this is what we have to deal with. And you can not for once not notice the difference in Weeden. the game is slowing down for him and he is actually getting better. And if you do not notice that, please discontinue writing these articles. You clearly have blinders on…..Bottom line is this..They’re getting better. And they will continue to get better…Just have a little more patience. We’ve waitied this long….Till then, Brad

    • LG

      Brad, it doesn’t bother me one bit that I defend myself on here at all. This is good arguments and that is what this site is for. I know the Browns are getting better. I know Weeden is getting better and I for one would like nothing better than to see the Browns win.Once they get rid of the boat anchor they call a head coach things will change. I agree with you the pres screwed us here in Cleveland…Holmgren should be hit in the face with a piece of hot pizza…..

    • tigersbrowns2

      good post , Brad …

    • ABrown

      “More poised”???? You’re kidding, aren’t you?

      • tigersbrowns2

        hi AB … he’s not kidding.

      • Bob

        Maybe he meant “posed” as in a statue, who does not move. Weeden lacks mobility period. Maybe Shurmur threatened the players who give Weeden protection. Maybe Shurmur said, “See McCoy holding the clipboard over there. That will be you if you don’t protect my job by protecting Weeden.”

        • ABrown

          Yes, I think you’re right Bob. Not “poised” as in good under pressure, but “posed” as in a natural for the Statue of Liberty play,

  8. tigerbrowns2

    say what you want about holmgren … but , if holmgren & heckert did anything right during their tenure it was to turn an old, slow & overpaid squad into a youthful squad with speed.

    the fruits of their labor will start showing up soon. 1-2 more really good drafts & the browns should be good for years to come.

    i know i always say that , but I actually believe it this time … i have to … i wanna see the browns in the superbowl before i meet my maker.

    • LG

      that makes two of us Tiger. Heckert has done a great job. you never really see me bash Tom Heckert do you? The problem with Holmgren is he didn’t help much, he could have helped the head coach he hired do a much better job. Now Heckert would be a guy to hang onto but rumor has it after this season he leaves. He doesn’t get along with Banner that well….

  9. Mantooth

    Is it possible the reason McCoy wasn’t traded is because the Browns couldn’t get anything for him?

    • LG

      No it isn’t the truth the Browns need a back up q.b. that is why he is still here….

  10. Bobby D


    Great article…Stop with Colt McCoy. Is he related to you?? As for Shurmur, well he is probably gone but only the new owner knows for sure. You say Shurmur got his job because of his family connections or what not. I’m pretty sure you got this gig because someone in your family was tired of you ranting all the time and got you this job.

    Yes we can all agree it would have been nice to see Colt with this new line, but that is not how it turned out. His arm is finally healthy maybe he can stretch the field. The world will never know, he is viewed as not as good as Brady Quinn.

    You have Weeden. Its fine to point out his faults but stop comparing apples and oranges. You have no idea how Colt would have played this year. The only thing you do know is how Weeden has played. And Weeden is getting better. The Browns have won two out of their last three and things seem to be looking up. Now if we get blown out by the Ravens well we can all rant. But if the Browns actually beat the Ravens can you pretend for one column that they are the Cavs and write a positive article. I know you can I have read one.

    • LG

      Bobby D one day we need to have a drink together. Yes if they play like a real football team I would be glad to write some positives…..Thanks for reading and thanks for you comments…I really do appreciate it BobbyD….I really just wrote this piece to get under Denny dice’s skin too, if you think I’m related to Colt he must be in one of those gay marriages we hear of with Weeden….LOL Just kidding about the gay Marriage thing…

  11. ABrown

    Pat Shurmur has proved to be an incredibly bad Head Coach, but of all his faults, the very worst and most malicious is his story about how much better the 2012 team is than the 2011 team BECAUSE OF COLT MCCOY.

    The story is that Colt couldn’t throw down field and that led to all the other problems. The fans have taken up this “story” and repeated it over and over. BUT WHERE DID IT COME FROM?

    According to the game logs and expanded box scores and play-by-play breakdown, McCoy threw down field as many times as Weeden over the same number of games. (Pro Football Reference) and more in his rookie season.

    Or actually, McCoy didn’t attempt as many long throws as Weeden but he completed just as many.

    So the Story is not true. But where did it come from? Who made it up? Pat Shurmur has his finger prints all over it.

    A couple of days ago, Fred Greetham put an interview he did with Pat Shurmur on line. (“Browns QB Brandon Weeden in Good Company”)

    In this article, Shurmur is describing how close Weeden’s performance is to the other rookie quarterbacks.

    He says, “Weeden is second to Russell Wilson (10) in passing touchdowns with nine and is second with completions of 20 or more yards with 27 to Luck, who has 28″

    Shurmur goes on to say more about the long pass advantage and set up the “good Weeden” vs the “bad McCoy” story:

    “One of the biggest differences, statistically, between 2011 and 2012 is the number of long plays. Weeden has connected on 27 passes of 20 or more yards.”

    Then he completes the catechism:

    “You have to be able to challenge all parts of the field, really in all down and distance situations,” Shurmur said. “If they have to defend a run and a pass all the time, I think it helps you. If you’ve got a team where you can’t stretch the field out, the game gets awful small and it gets awful tight. We’ve added some players to our roster that can run and then make plays down the field and we have a quarterback that can get the ball there.”

    You have all heard this and most of you have repeated it. . . over and over. THE ONLY PROBLEM IS IT’S JUST NOT TRUE!

    This year Weeden has only completed 11 passes of 20 yards or longer, no where near the 27 Shurmur claims. McCoy completed 14 and 8 such passes in the first 8 games he started in 2010 and 2011 respectively. Even though McCoy completed a few less in 2011, I’m amazed he was able to complete any long passes last year because his protection was always breaking down before he even finished his 3 or 5 step drop. Lots of bad coaching involve.

    There is only one reason Shurmur substituted 27 long passes for the real 11. There’s NO WAY it could be a mistake.

    He’s been spinning this fairy tale for months now to try to save his job by blaming McCoy for his abysmal coaching job in 2011.

    Don’t tell me how you like and respect McCoy and then repeat this crap and make jokes about him. That’s hate and there’s no getting around it.

    There are other fairy tales you all are fond of. There’s one about McCoy’s teams in 2010 only averaging 13 points a game and now Weeden is averaging 21 points per game in his rookie season. Both quarterbacks averaged 19 points per game in their rookie seasons.

    From what you said yesterday, Dana, you and all the anti-Colt fans are just ignorant and don’t know anything about football. So maybe none of you are not responsible for your actions.

    BUT PAT SHURMUR IS RESPONSIBLE FOR HIS INEXCUSABLE ACTION — way beyond just benching a player and starting someone else which is something any coach has the right to do — IT’S LYING, SCAPE GOATING, AND DISGUSTING SELFISHNESS!! iT’S TRYING TO DESTROY A MAN’S CAREER TO SAVE HIS OWN.

    • tigersbrowns2

      hi AB … good post , but a little harsh , dontcha think ??
      i’m pretty sure it was holmgren & heckert’s idea to bring in weeden to surplant mccoy … not shurmur’s.

      i wonder how much pressure came from H&H for shurmur to start weeden.
      shurmur may not have had any say in the matter.

      as far as last year , mccoy faced alot of 8 & 10 man fronts from teams daring him to throw … no respect at all from the defense. regardless of
      the actual numbers of deep passes , weeden is more of a “threat” to throw the deep ball & defenses have to respect. because of this “threat” the rushing statistics will go up … currently 24th in the nfl & going up.
      yes, richardson has something to do with that, but so does weeden.

      have a good one …

      • Bob

        Not harsh. The truth. Game stats don’t lie. People who talk to the media lie. Shurmur is a liar. The lies about McCoy are ridiculous.

        Personally, I am tired of the “Weeden is getting better” and “He’s a rookie” excuses. LG has pointed out several times, the front office said Weeden would be ready to go and his maturity would not be like a rookie. The front office should not have made a dumb promise like that. In fact, Holmgren said last year that the WCO took about 2 years to learn. Now it does not take a couple of years to learn when it comes to Weeden? RG3, Wilson and the other rookie QB’s (all younger) are better period. Weeden needed time on the bench to learn the NFL way and to learn the WCO, but he had to play now to save Shurmur’s & Holmgren’s jobs. Looks to me that what Shurmur & Holmgren didn’t see coming was that Haslam would buy the team, so now they are the ones finding the exit door. BTW – I also hear Haslam likes and followed McCoy’s career & the Banner likes mobile QBs.

      • ABrown

        TigersBrowns2, I think I’m not being nearly harsh enough about Shurmur.

        When teams play the Browns this year, they all set out to stop Richardson and force Weeden to throw. They are not afraid of him. They’ve seen him lose games with mistakes, or simply not be able to keep drives going by converting on 3rd down. About the same as last year, except we didn’t have Richardson.

        You’ve been brain-washed to think there has to be something wrong with MCCoy. Everything that was wrong last year was called Pat Shurmur. He just wants a pass on bad coaching.

        What I don’t understand is when you can go and read the game logs and look at the pass placement and the play-by-play of the games, WHY to you insist on believing Shurmur’s lie and claim that McCoy can’t throw the long ball.

        Heckert gave an interview about the draft and said he didn’t want to draft Weeden. He told Holmgren he wouldn’t draft him if Holmgren didn’t make it a direct order. Holmgren wanted to bring McCoy in in 2010 and pushed the coach to work with him, so the big push for Drafting Weeden was Shurmur.

        Uncle Fritz’a nephew owns this.

    • Bob

      Good post.

      And YES, ABrown, I do believe SHURMUR is trying to destroy McCoy’s career to save his own.

    • Dana

      ABrown, when did I ever say I didn’t like Colt? I have a great deal of admiration and respect for him. If I were in charge, I would have given Colt another year to develop as the starter and used the pick on another position to enhance the team. I was really hoping for a wideout with the pick. Sadly I am not in charge and the pick was used for Weeden who also deserves a chance and does indeed possess the tangibles needed to be a solid QB in the NFL. Worst case here is we have two solid QB’s.

      What do we have left to bitch about? Management? We got a new owner a couple weeks ago. Holmgren is gone. Shurmer most likely is in his last season. I like what Heckert has done so hopefully he stays. All we can do now as fans is watch the last half of the season and hope the players we have continue to develop so the next draft we can add depth instead of rebuild from scratch.

      • ABrown

        Dana, I’m glad you don’t hate McCoy, but aren’t you just a little bit about the lies Shurmur has spread about him and just a little upset that you have been tricked into participating in that by passing it along?

        What Shurmur did to shift blame to McCoy is like someone starting a false rumor about an accountant that he is embezzling money from his employer. That’s what Shurmur has tried to do to Colt as a Quarterback.

  12. Denny Dice

    Larry Larry Larry and to the LG Minions who support Larry post. Pretty obvious we cant argue with you when you already decided Larry word is bond. Geez

    Now Larry we can go on Facebook and find the post and comments. You over exaggerate everything you say!!! First I never said he would be dealt Thursday. I said, “I HOPE” McCoy is dealt. Why? Gaining a Draft pick for next year draft. You said well who a viable backup of choice? You take Thad Lewis off the practice squad.Period.


    See Larry what you do is turn this into a arguement. You are in love with COLT MCCOY and will not except Weeden the better Qb. Actually you have said on your show that Weeden is then you come on here and double talk like a Political Campaign.

    Which is it Larry??????? cause I have always said Weeden better than McCoy??? first you agree then you go off in some kind of satanic rant!!! so the question so you can clarify to your followers is?????? WHO BETTER IN YOUR OPINION??? WHO BETTER LONG TERM FOR THE CLEVELAND BROWNS???? And its not a drawn out answer its one word…MCCOY? or Weeden??? Well Larry??





    • LG

      Denny you are the only person I know that has a man cruse on some one and we all know it is Weeden…

    • Bob

      LG – Did you hear that Cribbs interview earlier this week where he could not really comment about Shurmur?

      • LG

        No I wish I would have but I’ll have to see if I could find it…

        • Bob

          Here’s the link:

          Listen to the whole thing, but really listen to 11:50 (about Shurmur) and then look at 18:20, where he talks about Colt and how the powers that be shut Colt down and who he thinks is better. This whole interview would probably be another article for you. This interview is very telling.

          • Bob

            Hey Denny

            Listen to this from Cribbs, an actual player who knows firsthand about McCoy and what happened. Cribbs talks about McCoy & Weeden about 18:20 into the interview.

          • LG

            Bob where is the Link???

      • ABrown

        “No comment” is the best thing anyone can say about Shurmur.

    • Bob

      Dice says, “BUT MOST KNOW MCCOY HAD HIS OWN ISSUES AS A PLAYMAKING QB WHO WAS AFRAID TO TAKE CHANCES!!!!” Afraid to take chances? I think you mean the statue Weeden, who is scared to get hit, has limited mobility, does not handle pressure well and practically falls to the ground first before he’s sack. See Weeden’s scouting report about his limited mobility and how he does not handle pressure well. There is plenty of video proof & others who know McCoy is definitely not afraid.

      You do know Shurmur calls the plays.

  13. Denny Dice

    the only WEEDEN FAN PAGE in all thee LAND!!


    • LG

      Unless he gets knocked out this Sunday by some angry RATBIRDS….

    • Bob

      LOL Denny. Promoting your fan page/website about Weeden. Are you going to be selling his autographed products soon?

  14. KC

    ABROWN: I want to thank you for pointing out the real Shurmur. No one in Cleveland liked McCoy from the beginning. I cannot understand why they ever brought him in. McCoy’s first coach hated him and was forced the use him due to injuries. There was no way he was going to help McCoy. Then we got Shurmur and we all have to remember the season started late so McCoy was thrown in to a new coach with a new offense. Nothing worked for Shurmur last year so a coach has to blame it on someone, surely not oneself, so he put the blame on the QB, McCoy. You are right he has played the propaganda game all last year and seems to be staarting again this year. Like I have told all, Weeden is here to stay, but I believe McCoy deserved better than what he got. It seems now Shurmur is hinting at starting the blame game on Weeden, since he has sworn that Weeded is the man that will produce the winning Brown team this might be difficult. All you Brown fans I truly hate to tell you but I do not believe Weeden will be your winning QB. Like ABrown I am not sure McCoy would have either. We will just have to see if Shurmur starts throwing Weeden under the bus and all you Brown fans will you believe the propaganda Shurmur will throw out like he did last year to save his job?

    • LG

      KC I don’t think there is any way Shurmur saves his job…Just my own opinion….

      • Anonymous

        improbable … but the shurmur haters worst nightmare would be for shurmur to win-out … lmao !!

        • LG

          I don’t think we have to worry much about that

      • tigersbrowns2

        improbable … but the shurmur haters worst nightmare would be for him to win-out … lmao !!!

    • ABrown

      Thanks KC. I’m not writing to argue who should start. I’m just tired of hearing the Shurmur fairy tale about Colt. I wouldn’t even mind this anti-Colt crap if it were true, but since it is so demonstrably false, I am sick and tired of hearing it.

  15. Bob

    LG, ABrown, longhaul & Marty you’ll like this

    Okay guys. I saw this on another blog. Someone posted college highlight videos for McCoy & Weeden. Remember, McCoy has said he is fully healed now from the National Championship game against Alabama and he beat out Weeden in the preseason this year. After watching these two videos you will see that MCCOY CAN THROW THE LONG BALL. BTW, he has done it on the Browns also. Also McCoy beat the Saints & the Patriots in his 2nd & 3rd NFL start under Mangini, not Shurmur. Remember also that Shurmur gave McCoy the plays for those dink and dunks and did not call for the long ball from McCoy last year. I also see a lot of dink & dunks from Weeden this year because Shurmur is calling the plays. IMO – Now Shurmur has Weeden throw some long balls to give the impression that Weeden can throw the long ball and McCoy can’t. You can’t full all of us Shurmur. Karma is coming your way.

    Enjoy and reply back with who you would like on the team. The statue, who does not move around or the mobile one who can move AND THROW.

    WEEDEN –

    McCOY –

    • LG

      Wow Bob that is very impressive of McCoy…Boy is he getting screwed….

      • Bob

        Yes he is getting screwed. How do you think the Browns fans would like a 100% healthy McCoy now?

        I believe Haslam & Banner know it and have even talked to McCoy about it. Why else would he still be here after what they did to him. Most players would have demanded a trade after what Shurmur did to him.

        McCoy is a dynamic player not a statue, but Shurmur does not want the Browns fans to know. Shurmur creates lies about stats that ABrown has pointed out so well to keep his job.

        • ABrown

          Bob, that was great!! It was interesting to see both highlight collections. I watched both QBs play in college, so this wasn’t surprising.

          Colt is truly amazing. And he played his best when the game was on the line. He won every major quarterback award in college, many in both his jr. and sr. years, runner up for the Heisman two years, and consensus All-American.

          What is surprising to me, though, is hearing some people in Cleveland claim he can’t throw the long ball, or can’t play period. I watched all his games as a pro, too, and you didn’t see that on the field. What you saw was pathetic coaching from a coach who would do anything to keep his job.

          From McCoy, you saw him beat a Super Bowl team in one of the top ten quarterback performances of the year.

  16. tigersbrowns2

    it is fine that there are supporters for both mccoy & weeden. this debate will not go away until weeden is consistently winning most of his games as starter … because that’s what we all want , right ?? … for the browns to become consistent winners.

    weeden has won 2 of his last 3 starts & has only thrown 1 int. in those 3 games … i see improvement. he needs to beat the ravens this week … not just play well or throw for alot of yards … he needs to win.

    obviously, if he regresses this week it will only fuel the debate.

    • LG

      You are correct TigersBrowns2 if Weeden was winning we all would be thrilled. Under Shurmur I don’t think that is going to take place…

    • ABrown

      Tigers, this isn’t about a competition between McCoy and Weeden. It’s about Shurmur creating lies about McCoy and, even when you learn they are lies, you cling to them like a child clings to the tooth fairy.

      It’s time for the Shurmur fairy tale to end, and for the Colt haters to regain a grip on reality.

      Shurmur says Weeden completed 27 long passes, but he only completed 11, the same number McCoy completed in his first 8 games each year.

      Weeden’s teams aren’t scoring twice as much as McCoy’s. They are both averaging 19 points a

      There’s a saying that if a lie is told often enough, people will believe it. But how deluded or stubborn do people have to be to continue to believe a lie when they KNOW it’s a lie????

      2011 was a bad year because Shurmur is a terrible coach. A team with more talent in 2012 is still losing because they still have a really bad coach. Don’t let him blame his failings on Colt McCoy.

  17. longhaul

    which qb in the nfl this year has the most interceptions?

    • LG

      Tony Romo leads the way with 13… Weeden is tied for the 3rd most…..

    • ABrown

      Weeden held that record for half the season, but Cassel and Romo surged ahead last week for this dubious distinction.

  18. Denny Dice

    Shurmur creating lies about McCoy??

    WoW awesome conspiracy theorist

    I’ve read bullshit but this shit takes the whole bowl of bullshit!!!

    Facts are Weeden the Starter McCoy is the back up

    If some of you in your mind think McCoy stating because Haslam and Banner want to give him a chance in 2013 then your obviously clueless about the NFL.

    Most outrageous thing I have ever read. Of course I expect those comments to stay here just cause you be blasted by 100′s of Fans laughing at your comments.

    It’s easy for 3 or 4 Larry minions to try and paint a positive picture and make McCoy out to be some great Qb???

    Runner up in College? Ever heard of Troy Smith? More talented better Qb better arm better everything. Guess what?? He Irrelavant much like McCoy except for the 3 and 4 including Larry posting insane comments. And claiming this conspiracy bullcrap like its a story about the Magic Bullet!!!

    Weeden in one season and actually in 16 games will win more games and surpass all McCoy stats in 21 starts!!! What will your excuses be when that happens???

    Weeden is progressing a Qb..

    FYI he does not need to be mobile if he getting the ball out!!

    Plus the Browns are 7th in league with least amount of sacks allowed. The line factors into this but also Weeden ability to get ball out.

    I played Qb in Highschool also mentor Qbs in my area. Obviously your blinded by what you think you see.

    You think Shurmur play calling was meant for McCoy to be Mr.Checkdown?

    Every play has progressions and hot routes.

    There Checkdown to medium to deep route in every play.

    A Qb job is to understand what the defense gives you and to know when to take chances.

    Obviously you McCoy cheerleaders have no it what progression means in the West Coast.

    McCoy issue is the lack of throwing the ball.

    Period!!! I do not need a Shurmur conspiracy theory or college tape to see and know what I’ve seen in 21 NFL Starts!!!

    He a avg Qb and some of you are blind like the DA/Frye/Couch fans were also.

    But keep going on and on!!

    Weeden the starter the future the franchise.

    Get on board or go root for McCoy dad Highschool team cause in a couple years you will see Colt on sideline with his Daddy coaching.


    Shurmur probably gone I’ve said a million times

    Weeden 2013 Qb for Browns

    McCoy a backup regardless if he here or with another team!!!


    Ugh! Comical!! And come post your rhetoric nonsense where 1000 of Browns fans can see and see who they agree with more???

    Please let’s see!!

    Now I’m Done!

    • LG

      Denny Dice, it is not about who is the starter, it is more about the Browns being 2-6 and having another losing season….Maybe they can win tomorrow and things will be looking brighter..

  19. Bob


    I put the link above in one of my replies, but here it is again:

    Click on the link and then go a 1/4 of the page down and then click on “CLICK HERE TO PLAY AUDIO” . Listen to it all & take note especially at:

    11:50 (about Shurmur)

    18:20 (about McCoy & Weeden) – Cribbs talks about Colt and how the powers that be shut Colt down and who he thinks is better. As I said, this whole interview would probably be another article for you. I got the impression that Cribbs was really trying to tell everyone something about the mistreatment.

    • LG

      Thanks Bob….

    • Anonymous

      Thanks Bob. You’re always on target. The reporters really put Cribbs on the spot and absolutely cannot express opinions right now, not with a desperate Shurmur. But it was clearest in what he backed away from saying. And he made it very clear that McCoy was on the verge this summer of being a great QB with the play book that’s in place and that he can be a great quarterback in the NFL.

      We’re lucky to have Cribbs on the team. His league-leading returns have allowed this team to score points when the offense couldn’t move the ball and pick up a first down. God bless him!

    • Abrown

      Thanks Bob. You’re always on target. The reporters really put Cribbs on the spot and absolutely cannot express opinions right now, not with a desperate Shurmur. But it was clearest in what he backed away from saying. And he made it very clear that McCoy was on the verge this summer of being a great QB with the play book that’s in place and that he can be a great quarterback in the NFL.

      We’re lucky to have Cribbs on the team. His league-leading returns have allowed this team to score points when the offense couldn’t move the ball and pick up a first down. God bless him!

  20. Sam

    Ok so all you Colt McCoy fan boys would be calling for Brandon Weeden to start if Colt had over 1900 yards and 9 touchdowns at this point, right? I sure hope so.

    • LG

      Hey Sam lets be realistic , we just want some wins we don’t care about how many yards and touchdowns you have we want some wins. What good is it if the team cannot win?

  21. BadBrad1072

    Shurmur has to go….I will be the first to throw a pie in his face on his way out..And it was “poised”..not posed…Posed is for a picture. And who the hell wants to take a picture of that ugly mug?..Weeden is a cross between Opie Cunningham and John Gruden…Peace

    • ABrown

      Brad, I don’t believe anyone else has ever been drafted into the NFL as a quarterback who has had such a consistent record of having trouble under pressure as your favorite guy, Brandon Weeden.

      No way “poised” meaning calm under pressure, except in your imagination.

      However, “poised” as in on the brink of, on the tipping point, now that works. Poised to wilt under pressure. Yep!

      But this article isn’t about who should start. It’s about a football coach who is so unsuited to his job, but so desperate to keep it, that he will not even stop at destroying his players if he thinks it will save his job.


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