McCoy not traded The 2012 N.F.L. Trade deadline has passed and the man who the Browns blamed for all their problems in 2011 is still a member of the Cleveland Browns. There were lots of people who said McCoy would be traded by the Browns, how stupid is that statement? The Browns know better than to trade Colt McCoy, they would be left without a viable back-up quarterback that give the Browns a shot at winning football games.  The fans have been brain-washed by Pat Shurmur's attempt to place all the blame for his terrible rookie season as a head coach of the Cleveland Browns. Rather than take the blame for his on lack of abilities to use any imagination as a head coach, Shurmur made a quarterback switch so it would look as though all the Browns problems were because they didn't have a good quarterback.

These same fans fell for the bait and switch and have come to hate McCoy. They say McCoy plays a dink and dunk offense and that is all he is good for, they say McCoy doesn't have the arm strength to complete long passes in the NFL. These people don't recall the Injury McCoy suffered in the BCS bowl that damaged McCoy's throwing arm. Well guess what people, the Cleveland Browns aren't exactly ripping it up this season either.  They have a new quarterback who has a 1/2 yard longer passing average than McCoy had in 2011 and fewer wins so far in the 2012 season.

The problem's with the Cleveland Browns in 2011 weren't because of Colt McCoy. The play calling which still stinks in 2012 was done by Shurmur in 2011 and he still has no imagination. Sure the Browns completed a few long passes this season. The entire receiving core of the Browns looks a bit different this season. The only thing that really resembles the 2011 Cleveland Browns is the win-loss record. The Browns know better than to trade Colt McCoy. The guy knows the offense and the Browns know McCoy would play his butt off for the team even after the Cleveland Browns gave McCoy the shaft in 2012.

McCoy out-played the current starting quarterback in the preseason and he still got the shaft and the Cleveland fans who hate Colt McCoy are getting the shaft each Sunday the Browns lose football games. Yes sir the Browns are keeping Colt McCoy and there is a good reason they did. Rest assured if the Cleveland Browns didn't think Colt McCoy gave the team a chance to win football games he would have been gone. That is not the case.  The Browns management know that and they keep him on the team for that reason....

One thing is for sure. People think we at Cleveland Sports 360 don't like the Browns current Q.B.. I assure you that is not the case. What we don't care for is the Browns not putting the best players on the field. Does that mean we don't think the Browns new Q.B. is a good player? No not the case. We didn't think he was ready to start in the NFL and we do think McCoy would give the Browns the better chance to win. We are left watching the team go through another losing season and we are sick and tired of losing football games. It would be nice to at the very least play a .500 season. No Matter who was throwing the football.....Chalk another one up to the Browns management....

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