Pat Shurmur has a guy the Browns used their number one draft pick for, his name is Trent Richardson. He can make some big plays if he can get the ball in his hands. Yet the Cleveland Browns have only handed him the football 26 times in the last tow games. That is how many times he should be getting the ball per game. Richardson has shown if given the chance he can make things happen. Yet Pat Shurmur refuses to let Richardson have the chance to show why Tom Heckert used the number one pick to fill the void Cleveland had in their backfield.

Richardson only had 12 carries in the Browns loss to the Bills and he only got 14 carries against the Browns divisional rival Ravens. Sure throwing the ball down field for big gains looks pretty,  but it doesn't help the Browns offense control the pace of the game when Weeden throws 27 incomplete passes. If the Browns would have handed half of those incomplete passes to Trent Richardson he would be getting the number of touches he should be getting in a game.

Pat Shurmur's inability to use the player he has correctly is a huge part of the reason the Browns are 0-4 now. The Cleveland Browns have lost 25% of their season already and we are only in week 4. Why take a beast like Trent Richardson if you are not going to give him the chance to be a play maker. Pat Shurmur give up to quickly on the running game. With a guy like Trent Richardson you have to give him the chance to make something happen, you have to give him the ball more than 14 times in a game especially when the weather conditions are what they were in Baltimore.

You have a Trent Richardson in your backfield who has already shown his is a force to be dealt with win he gets into the open field and you refuse to give him the chance to make things happen. It doesn't make any sense to me, but what do I know. If I had a play maker who is the only guy that found the end-zone against the Ravens, I am going to hand him the football. Just one more reason Pat Shurmur has to go....


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