Before the start of the 2013 season, Browns CEO Joe Banner said, Josh Gordon better prove his worth as a second round pick this season. It was clear that Banner was less than happy about the Cleveland Browns not have a 2 round pick available in the 2013 NFL draft.

Banner was critical of Gordon and he sure didn’t like Gordon’s off field activities. The Browns even went as far as to talk Josh Gordon trades, before the NFL trade-deadline.

It was clear, Josh Gordon was on Joe Banner’s radar., and Banner had a bone to pick with him. You could feel the dis-like coming out of the statements Banner was making about the star receiver who was about to start his second season in the NFL.

Well Joe, what are your thoughts on Josh Gordon these days? Has he proved his worth to the team? Are you going to sit down and write Gordon a letter of apology?

Gordon is the 2013 Cleveland Browns offense. Banner couldn’t have been more wrong about a player than he was about Gordon. Sure maybe Banner’s comments concerning Gordon could have been brought on by the fact he tested positive for an NFL banned substance and received a 2 game suspension.

Gordon is one of the best receivers the Cleveland Browns have ever had the pleasure of having on their roster. He is one of the brightest up-coming stars in the NFL.

Over the past 4 games Gordon has 774 yards in receiving. He set an NFL record for 200 yards receiving in 2 games in a row, something that has never been done in the history of the NFL.

Gordon has exceeded all expectations for a second round draft pick and Joe Banner should be kissing his butt about now. Gordon is one hell of a receiver and the Browns are lucky to have him.

Josh Gordon has 1,400 yard receiving this season and he missed 2 games and has 3 left to play. You want to talk about yards after the catch, no one is better at it than Josh Gordon.

Was he worth a second round pick? You bet he was.







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Readers Comments (2)

  1. CalBM1

    Its a shame that Banner dosnt have the class to eat crow about his comments

  2. DawgPile

    Lombardi blasted Heckert for the pick WAY back when he was irrelevant to the Browns and sitting on the boob tube…


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